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L'Oréal and Poietis partner to bioprint hair follicles

3 October 2016
Biotech company Poietis and cosmetics giant L'Oréal have formed a research partnership with the goal of 3D printing a hair follicle - the small organ that produces hair - using laser-assisted bioprinting technology

German laser diodes on board ESA's Gaia star-surveyor spacecraft

News image23 September 2016
Two laser diodes from German company Eagleyard Photonics are working on board Gaia, the ESA's billion-star surveyor spacecraft

Spectroscopy shows microbeads are accumulating in oceans

News image21 September 2016
The UK government has announced plans to ban microbeads in household products. The decision follows research using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy that shows micro-plastics are accumulating in oceans and sea ice

New light sensor can detect E.coli in minutes

News image7 September 2016
A team of researchers have developed a new sensor that can detect the potentially deadly E.coli bacteria in 15-20 minutes, much faster than traditional lab tests

Lidar mapping of Great Barrier Reef reveals separate vast reef

News image5 September 2016
Using lidar technology, scientists in Australia and the UK have discovered a coral reef spanning more than 6,000km behind the Great Barrier Reef

Organic LEDs could light the way to new medical therapy techniques

News image30 August 2016
A pilot study conducted by scientists at Fraunhofer FEP has revealed the possibility of using OLEDs to assist the healing processes of the body

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