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Diamond quantum processor a step closer to reality

24 February 2015
MIT and Brookhaven National Laboratory, in collaboration with Element Six, a provider of synthetic diamond supermaterials, have demonstrated a significant step toward a synthetic diamond quantum information processor

Fibre optic thermometer for industrial processes developed

News image28 January 2015
In the near future, optical fibres could be used as a thermometer for industrial processes such as cutting

Hubble telescope gets a high-definition view of Pillars of Creation

News image13 January 2015
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have taken a second photograph of the 'Pillars of Creation' − an image of columns of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, some 7,000 light years from Earth

Lidar laser to be supplied for NASA climate research

News image7 January 2015
Five new NASA airborne field campaigns will take to the skies starting in 2015 to investigate how long-range air pollution, warming ocean waters, and fires in Africa affect our climate

Lens-free microscope rivals accuracy of optical microscopes for cheaper tissue examination

5 January 2015
A lens-free microscope has been developed that can be used to detect the presence of cancer or other cell-level abnormalities with the same accuracy as larger and more expensive optical microscopes

Infrared spectrometer sent into space to analyse asteroid

News image18 December 2014
An infrared spectrometer has been sent into space as part of a new mission to analyse an asteroid approaching Earth

Application Features

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