Application Features

Electro Optics coverStriking back

Cancer strikes fear into the hearts of its victims but Rob Coppinger finds that lasers are now able to excise that enemy within, deep inside the human body

Electro Optics coverSky is not the limit for lasers

With a fcous on laser systems this year's Lasys provided much food for thought, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Electro Optics coverStretching the imagination

A stretchable display may sound like an impossible and crazy idea, but the enabling technology is just around the corner. Nadya Anscombe looks at the research

Electro Optics coverSpectroscopy everywhere anytime

Rob Coppinger finds that the age of the smartphone and MP3 player is changing customer expectations, raising industry’s game when it comes to portable spectroscopy

Electro Optics coverResolving power

Greg Blackman finds out that in order to acquire a high-quality image from a machine vision camera, a lot depends on the quality of the optics

Electro Optics coverMarking time

Small decorative logos for mobile phones and sophisticated codes for industrial traceability require laser technology to become more precise and reliable, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Electro Optics coverThe ultimate shield

The military conflicts of the past ten years have shown the dangers of roadside bombs and cheap mortars. Rob Coppinger investigates the laser systems being developed to counter those threats and more

Electro Optics coverKnowledge is power

Rob Coppinger on why power meters are an important part of any laser set-up

Electro Optics coverShaping light

Greg Blackman peers into diffractive optics, a vital optical element for a range of applications including deep UV lithography and manufacturing aircraft components

Electro Optics coverFantastic plastic

Organic materials can enable innovative, low-cost, compact devices. Many fascinating projects were presented at Photonics West. But, as Nadya Anscombe finds out, challenges still remain

Electro Optics coverLasers turn back time

Whether for hair removal or wrinkle reduction, there are now laser-based devices for home use on the market. Nadya Anscombe looks at this fast-growing market

Electro Optics coverGetting under your skin

Nadya Anscombe finds out about a pan-European research project that aims to get the most out of optical coherence tomography