Applications news

Optoelectronic device simulates vision prior to cataract surgery

News image23 August 2016
Researchers in Spain have demonstrated a handheld optoelectronic device that will allow patients to experience how a certain implanted lens would affect their vision by simply looking through it

Facebook develops detector for LiFi internet

25 July 2016
Researchers from Facebook's Connectivity Lab have demonstrated a conceptually new approach for detecting optical communication signals travelling through the air

3D printing produces lenses the size of a human hair

News image25 July 2016
Researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany are using a 3D printing technique to develop extremely small and complex lenses. The technique uses an ultrashort laser pulses in combination with optical photoresist

Implant that changes shape of cornea approved by FDA

11 July 2016

Cambridge researchers mix molecules with light

6 July 2016

Medieval cities in Cambodian forest discovered using lidar

16 June 2016

Light-induced electron movement to lead to high speed electronics

8 June 2016

Raman spectroscopy used to detect radiation damage in cells

2 June 2016

US distillery creates new bourbon flavours using infrared light

24 May 2016

Terahertz-based system could detect explosives in microseconds

24 May 2016

Laser-speckle method detects bacteria on food in seconds

11 April 2016

Pizza delivery robot uses laser technology to navigate independently

11 April 2016

Tamper-proof hologram created with UV nanosecond laser

8 April 2016

Samsung files patent for monitoring health with laser technology

23 March 2016

Laser technique could help create more eco-friendly batteries

23 March 2016

Adolescent girl receives 3D printed tracheal splints in life-saving surgery

16 March 2016

Europe's largest floating solar farm installed near London

7 March 2016

Scientists develop paintable window coating using photonic crystals

3 March 2016

Holoxica secures €1.28m EU funding for holographic video display

23 February 2016

Researchers develop nanolasers for silicon photonics

23 February 2016

Researchers 'weld' neurons using femtosecond laser

11 February 2016

France to add solar panels to 1,000km of road

4 February 2016

London to trial driverless cars

29 January 2016

System for trapping microbubbles to enable better medical products

28 January 2016

UK's largest light festival comes to London

15 January 2016

Cleaning system developed for National Ignition Facility optics

11 January 2016

Fraunhofer develops a laser process simulation mobile app

8 December 2015

Laser shoes win UK independent living competition

16 November 2015

Land Rover mobile observatory uses spectrometry to study volcanoes

4 November 2015

Handheld optical scanner to enable real time breast cancer screening

30 October 2015

Faster antibiotic resistance analysis for sepsis sufferers

8 October 2015

Scientists combine femtosecond lasers with OCT for better laser eye surgery

1 October 2015

Gemini Planet Imager discovers Jupiter-like exoplanet

17 August 2015