Applications news

Laser shoes win UK independent living competition

16 November 2015
A pair of laser shoes designed help Parkinson's sufferers overcome difficulties in walking have been chosen as one of ten winners of a new UK competition to develop products for independent living

Land Rover mobile observatory uses spectrometry to study volcanoes

News image4 November 2015
Land Rover has turned a Defender 110 into the world's first mobile volcano observatory, able to reach and measure active volcanoes never studied before

Handheld optical scanner to enable real time breast cancer screening

30 October 2015
Scientists from Florida International University have developed a handheld optical scanner that could potentially be used for breast cancer imaging in real time

Faster antibiotic resistance analysis for sepsis sufferers

8 October 2015

Scientists combine femtosecond lasers with OCT for better laser eye surgery

1 October 2015

Gemini Planet Imager discovers Jupiter-like exoplanet

17 August 2015

FDA-approved 3D printed pill makes tablets easier to swallow

6 August 2015

'Optical dog's nose' to sniff out diseases

9 July 2015

Novel NIR spectroscopic imaging improves detection of poor circulation

1 July 2015

Iconic Amsterdam museum uses Raman spectroscopy to study paintings

17 June 2015

Lidar systems installed across UK to detect volcanic ash

5 June 2015

Nanospirals and ultrafast lasers to protect against fraud

4 June 2015

Anti-reflective coatings to make 3D cinema glasses redundant

14 May 2015

Potential non-harmful cancer drug discovered using femtosecond laser spectroscopy

13 May 2015

Australian scientists develop portable gold detection method

11 May 2015

Optical lens transforms smartphone camera into microscope

8 May 2015

Fraunhofer develops finer optical fibres for vein treatments

5 May 2015

Gamma ray spectroscopy prompts rethink on Mercury formation

20 April 2015

Protecting Europe's nature reserves using LIDAR

16 April 2015

Artwork to be studied via non-invasive spectroscopy

7 April 2015

Photonics chip opens up potential to control natural disasters

19 March 2015

Scientists extend the spectrum of frequency comb light sources

10 March 2015

Diamond quantum processor a step closer to reality

24 February 2015

Fibre optic thermometer for industrial processes developed

28 January 2015

Hubble telescope gets a high-definition view of Pillars of Creation

13 January 2015

Lidar laser to be supplied for NASA climate research

7 January 2015

Lens-free microscope rivals accuracy of optical microscopes for cheaper tissue examination

5 January 2015

Infrared spectrometer sent into space to analyse asteroid

18 December 2014

Mirror keeps buildings cool by sending infrared radiation into space

17 December 2014

Waterproof near-infrared spectrometer monitors swimmers' performance

11 December 2014

Spectroscopy method diagnoses bone diseases early

4 December 2014

Frequency combs measure greenhouse gases over a two-kilometre path

6 November 2014

Laser technology used to detect biogas leaks from metres away

5 November 2014