Applications news

Novel method of re-directing sunlight in urban areas developed

News image15 April 2014
In response to ever-crowded urban conditions in countries around the world, researchers in Egypt have developed an inexpensive way of re-directing natural sunlight into dimly lit streets and alleys, where a lack of sun is linked to health problems

Data to be transferred from Sentinel-1A satellite via laser

9 April 2014
The polar-orbiting satellite, Sentinel-1A, which was launched by the European Space Agency on 3 April from Europe's Spaceport Kourou in French Guiana, will transfer the data it collects via a laser communications terminal (LCT) of Tesat-Spacecom

NIR spectroscopy reveals insight into altitude sickness

8 April 2014
By using NIR spectroscopy to monitor blood flow in the brains of six climbers scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, German medical researchers have identified a possible way to prevent the headaches that are a common feature of altitude sickness

New generation of guide star lasers to be deployed at ESO facility

2 April 2014

Ultashort pulsed laser system developed to optimise machine processing

19 March 2014

Additive manufacturing used in 'life changing' operation

12 March 2014

Lasers used to convert radio waves to light signals

6 March 2014

Powerful 3D spectrograph successfully installed on Very Large Telescope

5 March 2014

Aerospace fabrication company upgrades to solid-state laser technology

17 February 2014

Cataract operations at Benjamin Eye Institute improved by laser tech

29 January 2014

Traceability improved with laser marking at automotive fuel system producer

17 January 2014

Nottingham Trent helps paint picture of Chinese-European history

9 January 2014

Imec develop new solar cell using laser doping

10 December 2013

Constelex participate in out of this world photonics project

9 December 2013

Photline reaches for the stars

9 December 2013

Couplings compensate for misalignment in laser systems

21 November 2013

Hyperspectral imaging reveals secrets behind artwork and artefacts

8 November 2013

Stent manufacturer improves production tolerances with femtosecond laser

6 November 2013

Ultrashort laser technology probes photosynthesis

4 November 2013

TWI develops laser cutting for dismantling nuclear power plants

10 October 2013

Fluorescent nanocrystals investigated with PL spectrometer

10 October 2013

Optical sensor warns of faults on the line in Hong Kong

7 October 2013

Quantum cascade laser tests water for impurities on-site

1 October 2013

Laser nano-technology inspired by butterflies

18 September 2013

Lightweight hyperspectral imager developed for crop management

16 September 2013

Ultra high-speed cameras studying plasma reactions

12 September 2013

Space mission for Princeton Instruments

12 September 2013

Rofin's lasers perforate packaging in double quick time

19 August 2013

Twisted crystal slows light

16 August 2013

Advanced Light Source reveals graphene twist

13 August 2013

Raman spectoscopy sniffs out reservoirs

12 August 2013

Lasers reveal trees' reaction to climate change

12 August 2013

Lasers ease DNA into living cells

9 August 2013