Applications news

Frequency combs measure greenhouse gases over a two-kilometre path

News image6 November 2014
Laser frequency combs have been used to monitor the concentrations of greenhouse gasses over a distance of two kilometres. The technique was demonstrated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Laser technology used to detect biogas leaks from metres away

News image5 November 2014
Fraunhofer scientists have developed a laser-based system that can detect methane leaks in biogas plants from up to 15 metres away. The device is based on optical emission and backscattering spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy helps US police keep drugs off the streets

News image30 October 2014
The United States law enforcement agency has been using Raman spectroscopy to help keep illegal drugs off the streets. In September, police stopped several large-scale drug manufacturing operations with help from Raman devices

Laser scanning helps researchers see the wood for the trees

15 September 2014

New 'water lens' uses sunlight to sanitise dirty water

4 September 2014

Electro-optical technology to track space debris from Earth

28 August 2014

Thirty laser systems create lighting effects for Las Vegas music festival

11 July 2014

Ultracool method helps observe smallest force ever

30 June 2014

Awards presented for development of commercial nuclear detection material

30 June 2014

Delivering drugs with a femtosecond laser

27 June 2014

Mountain summit blasted away to make way for E-ELT telescope

27 June 2014

Lidar technology improves airport safety

17 June 2014

Hyperspectral multi-sensor aircraft developed

17 June 2014

Laser system scans moving cars to identify drunk drivers

10 June 2014

New multi-million pound centre to tackle world data storage with integrated photonics

6 June 2014

Optical sensors attached to a smart phone to measure pollution

29 May 2014

Terahertz imaging opens up use in paint analysis

21 May 2014

Laser system keeps solar cell throughput high

20 May 2014

Detecting trace amounts of explosives with light

14 May 2014

Faster dental treatment thanks to new photoactive molecule

2 May 2014

New system uses UV light to treat water without chemicals

1 May 2014

Solar windows for homes soon to be reality thanks to quantum-dot research

28 April 2014

Novel method of re-directing sunlight in urban areas developed

15 April 2014

Data to be transferred from Sentinel-1A satellite via laser

9 April 2014

NIR spectroscopy reveals insight into altitude sickness

8 April 2014

New generation of guide star lasers to be deployed at ESO facility

2 April 2014

Ultashort pulsed laser system developed to optimise machine processing

19 March 2014

Additive manufacturing used in 'life changing' operation

12 March 2014

Lasers used to convert radio waves to light signals

6 March 2014

Powerful 3D spectrograph successfully installed on Very Large Telescope

5 March 2014

Aerospace fabrication company upgrades to solid-state laser technology

17 February 2014

Cataract operations at Benjamin Eye Institute improved by laser tech

29 January 2014

Traceability improved with laser marking at automotive fuel system producer

17 January 2014