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Gated STED microscopy licensed to PicoQuant

News image17 December 2014
The Max Planck Society and the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) have granted permission to PicoQuant to use gated stimulated emission depletion (gSTED) microscopy technology in its new time-resolved confocal microscope

CEO of Jenoptik re-elected as Photonics21 president

12 December 2014
Michael Mertin, CEO of Jenoptik, has been re-elected as president of Photonics21, the technology platform which represents the European photonics community of industry and research organisations

Lattice light microscopy sublicensed

News image10 December 2014
The technique for lattice light sheet microscopy has been sublicensed to Intelligent Imaging Solutions (3i), a company that designs and manufactures live cell and intravital microscopy imaging platforms

Downing Street Christmas lights herald start of International Year of Light

10 December 2014

European Extremely Large Telescope gets green light

9 December 2014

Southampton university professor joins Photonics 21 board

28 November 2014

Spectroscopy entrepreneur wins EPIC Phoenix Award

28 November 2014

European Optical Society's executive director joins board of 3D printed optics company

27 November 2014

EPIC creates working group for photonic integrated circuits

27 November 2014

Raman confocal microscope wins the UK Queen's Award

26 November 2014

Applied Optics Center acquired by Optex

17 November 2014

UK doubles its funding for emerging technologies

11 November 2014

Singapore opens $100 million photonics research centre with ties to UK

3 November 2014

Director of Fraunhofer ILT wins LIA award

31 October 2014

Radiant Zemax sells Zemax optical design software business

31 October 2014

Endurance tests show potential for EUV high volume manufacturing

29 October 2014

Photonics firms reach out to public during Day of Photonics

27 October 2014

Next-gen fibres from ORC made available to purchase

21 October 2014

Jenoptik revises revenue guidance due to weak market segments

21 October 2014

Small-sats to represent a significant market for photonics

17 October 2014

Optical technology experts join VDMA steering committee

14 October 2014

One million aspheres to be supplied to Chinese laser company

2 October 2014

UK scientists to build 23 million Euro spectrograph for VLT telescope

1 October 2014

Most powerful laser in the world to be fitted at European research facility

30 September 2014

Laser light source wins OSA optics award

22 September 2014

Photonic IC firm gains €340k to commercialise software

16 September 2014

CEOs of ModuLight and Avantes join EPIC's board of directors

15 September 2014

Global photonics market worth more than 150 billion dollars, according to SPIE market report

9 September 2014

Laser Quantum to penetrate ultrafast market with acquisition of Venteon Laser Technologies

8 September 2014

Intel's Silicon Photonics Group wins Engineering Prize

5 September 2014

Banknote security set to increase through new optical features

29 August 2014

Free-electron laser facility gains UK funding for serial femtosecond crystallography system

27 August 2014

Global photonics sensors market to reach $15bn by 2019

20 August 2014