August/September 2014

Electro Optics cover

Optical communications

Going the distance

With ECOC on the horizon, Tom Eddershaw reports on the latest advances of laser technology for optical communications

Airport screening

A safer way to fly

Optical technologies are being tested that could make air travel safer, while at the same time easing the security regulations at airports. Jessica Rowbury reports


Light-matter interactions on the nanoscale

Greg Blackman looks at the possible uses of nanophotonics, a branch of science that deals with structuring a material in such a wayas to impart unusual optical properties

Space science

Measuring ripples in space-time

The European Space Agency is developing a space satellite to measure gravitational waves based on laser interferometry. Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Peter Weßels at Laser Zentrum Hannover, who is designing the fibre amplifier qualification model for the project