February 2015

Electro Optics cover

Industry View

Guiding light - predictions for the future of photonics

As Electro Optics celebrates its 250th issue, and to tie in with Photonics West in San Francisco, we ask industry experts what the future holds for photonics


Printing skin via laser

Tom Eddershaw looks at the laser technology developed to print live cells, as well as other applications of biophotonics

EUV Lithography

EUV ready for volume production?

There have been positive signs from the likes of ASML that EUV lithography is finally ramping up for volume production of silicon chips. Greg Blackman reports

LED Testing

Consistency-led lighting

Jessica Rowbury discusses the technologies used to test LEDs and how test equipment manufacturers are keeping up with the simultaneous demand for accuracy and lower cost

Technology Focus

Lens-free microscope rivals accuracy of optical microscopes

Jessica Rowbury reports on a microscope-on-a-chip device developed by scientists at the University of California that offers fast and inexpensive screening of biological samples for diseases like cancer