June 2014

Electro Optics cover

Silicon photonics

Enlightened electronics

Greg Blackman addresses some of the remaining issues for integrating photonics on silicon chips

Lab-on-chip diagnostics

Photonic sensor to combat TB

A lab-on-chip device, being designed as part of a European project, promises to reduce the cost of diagnosing tuberculosis dramatically - and save many lives in the developing world. Greg Blackman speaks to Wim Van Roy at Imec, one of the coordinators of the project

Materials processing

Master of metal

With Lasys fast approaching, Jessica Rowbury looks at industrial laser processing and finds that solid-state lasers are catching up with CO2 when it comes to cutting thick metals

Single photon detection

Keeping count of light

Highly sensitive detectors are enabling techniques like quantum cryptography and forms of fluorescence spectroscopy. Tom Eddershaw investigates the technology for detecting individual photons