June 2013

Electro Optics cover


Biophotonics in rude health

Plug-and-play simplicity in fibre-delivered lasers is advancing the world of flow cytometry and microscopy, while the number of laser-based medical applications continues to grow. Tim Gillett reports

LED test and manufacture

Home improvements

Replacing incandescent bulbs in the home with vastly more efficient solid-state lighting could save billions of dollars in energy, but ensuring an LED device lights a room well is more complicated than it seems, as Greg Blackman discovers

Optical Parametric Oscilators

Fine tuning for exploration

Rob Coppinger drills down into the details about OPOs and OPAs for oiI and gas

Show report

Photonics drives innovation

Rob Coppinger reflects on an ebullient show where the revitalisation of the photonics sector was so strong it could be tasted

Technology focus

Under pressure

Tim Gillett and Rob Coppinger find ways to aid stroke recovery with lasers