April 2013

Electro Optics cover


Perfect beam, perfect defence

A coherent strategy is not the only way to stop your enemy, as Rob Coppinger finds that directed energy needs good beam quality to defend its military users


Rough and ready

Confocal microscopy provides an optical method for measuring surface roughness, one that`s now much more accepted in industry as an alternative to tactile measurements, as Greg Blackman discovers


Two decades of good service

More than 20 years after helping its first customer - The University of Southampton`s Department of Physics - Laser Support Services is still going strong, as Warren Clark discovers

ultra short pulse lasers

Many beams make light work

Rob Coppinger discovers that splitting could be the answer to the economical treatment of surfaces using pico and femto second pulse lasers

UV and IR technology

Red or violet, resolution is the answer

Rob Coppinger finds greater precision will provide a clearer picture for UV and IR photonics