February 2013

Electro Optics cover


Sensitivity means competitive advantage

The smallest differences in optics and materials require the most sensitive of metrology tools, as Rob Coppinger discovers

CO2 lasers

New avenues

CO2 lasers have a future with organics as Rob Coppinger discovers

EUV Lithography

Printing at the extreme

Immersion lithography has all but reached the limit of how small it can print features on silicon chips. Extreme UV lithography promises to be the answer, but there`s still a lot of work to be done before the technology is ready for commercial use, as Greg Blackman discovers


Nature has the answer

Rob Coppinger finds that millions of years of insect evolution is aiding scientists in their quest for better LEDs


The finest in filters

Spectrogon has been leading the way in optical filters and associated products for decades, as Warren Clark discovers