April 2015

Electro Optics cover

Laser mėgajoule

The draw from Laser Mėgajoule

The Laser Mėgajoule facility in France is one of the latest in large laser installations. Tom Eddershaw looks at how this type of huge project helps the photonics industry

Biophotonics funding

Collaboration is dead, long live collaboration!

Following a session he moderated at Photonics West on biophotonics funding, Mark Hutchinson at the University of Adelaide argues that a more integrated, transdisciplinary research environment is needed in biophotonics

Export control reform

Photonics to benefit from US export control reform?

The proposed reforms to US Munitions List Category XII are expected to be published soon, a change in regulation that could be controversial among the optics and photonics industry, writes Jennifer Douris, a lobbyist at SPIE

Fibre optics

Optical fibres developed that can mimic synapses

Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Behrad Gholipour from the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre on how research into novel optical fibres could pave the way for brain-like computers

Optical software

Medical modelling

Jessica Rowbury explores the role optical modelling software plays in designing medical instruments


Explosive potential

Handheld Raman sensing systems are now available for scanning containers for explosives, but the technology has yet to be developed for sensing at any kind of standoff distance. Greg Blackman looks at the efforts being made in Raman imaging for explosives detection at range