March 2012

Electro Optics cover

Organic photonics

Fantastic plastic

Organic materials can enable innovative, low-cost, compact devices. Many fascinating projects were presented at Photonics West. But, as Nadya Anscombe finds out, challenges still remain

Diffractive optics

Shaping light

Greg Blackman peers into diffractive optics, a vital optical element for a range of applications including deep UV lithography and manufacturing aircraft components

Liquid crystal lasers

Twist and shout

Liquid crystal technology is to deliver cheap tuneable lasers. Rob Coppinger talks to University of Cambridge researchers about how chiral nematics is making it happen

Power meters

Knowledge is power

Rob Coppinger on why power meters are an important part of any laser set-up


Understanding ultrafast

APE is celebrating 20 years of ultrafast laser diagnostics and OPOs, as Warren Clark discovers