May 2015

Electro Optics cover


Shedding light on the brain

Initiatives like the BRAIN programme in the USA are investing large amounts of funding into research into the human brain, an area where advanced optical and photonics technologies are highly sought after. Jessica Rowbury reports

Art preservation

The art of optical examinations

Advances in OCT and spectroscopy are opening up non-invasive methods for studying works of art, as Greg Blackman discovers


Better links between stakeholders needed in biophotonics

After speaking at the EPIC AGM in Paris in April, Professor Jurgen Popp, director of the IPHT in Jena, Germany, says more work is needed to connect the various players in the biophotonics value chain

Optical glass

Phase-shifting glass

A five-year project led by the University of Southampton in the UK has just begun to advance the use of chalcogenide glass, a material with unusual optical properties. Greg Blackman reports


Sunny skies and spectroscopy

Tom Eddershaw looks at the spectroscopy solutions used in the development of solar cells