June 2015

Electro Optics cover

Flexible displays

Flexing display muscles

Greg Blackman on the laser processes involved in making flexible displays, a technology that promises thinner, lighter, and potentially bendable and foldable electronic devices

European Photonics

Light technologies to drive industrial Europe, says Photonics21 president

Following the Photonics21 annual meeting in Brussels at the end of May, Michael Mertin, the president of Photonics21 and CEO of Jenoptik, sets out the role for photonics in growing Europe's economy

Material Science

Now you see it, now you don't

Jessica Rowbury speaks to Robert Schittny at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology about an invisibility cloak the team demonstrated at CLEO in San Jose in May


Made to measure

Greg Blackman investigates some of the diverse optical metrology techniques for measuring distances at the nanoscale to over many kilometres

Optical sensors

Making sense of material science

Gemma Church finds that new materials like graphene are exhibiting interesting light sensing properties that could see them used to make faster and more sensitive photodetectors