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US regulations on key optic and photonic commodities finally cross the finish line

News image14 October 2016
In May 2015, the US government proposed changes to US export controls covering many key photonics technologies, causing concern within the industry. Following the release of the final export controls this week, SPIE's Jennifer Douris discusses the final regulation and its impact on the photonics community

Photonics from Vilnius: showcasing Lithuania's laser expertise

30 September 2016
Matthew Dale reports from an EPIC meeting on laser material processing from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, and finds that Lithuania has a lot to offer in terms of photonics expertise

Gravitational-wave astronomy: opening a new window on the cosmos

News image15 September 2016
On 14 September, the scientific community celebrated the anniversary of gravitational wave detection. Professor Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow, whose team helped construct the LIGO facilities, discusses the work that preceded last year's discovery and what the future holds for the field of gravitational-wave astronomy

Fighting food fraud with optical technologies

News image11 August 2016
Ruth Walker, associate European patent attorney at Gill Jennings and Every, discusses how optical technologies are helping to prevent food counterfeiting, and the patent issues that come with this

German photonics industry prepares for Brexit consequences

News image10 August 2016
Wenko Süptitz, head of German high-tech industry association, Spectaris discusses what companies in Germany and the UK should consider following the UK's decision to leave the European Union


3D printing: Adding another layer of protection to your IP

8 July 2016

Photonics associations reassure industry following Brexit

30 June 2016

RAIS: A new platform for diagnosing infectious diseases

23 June 2016

Lightning fast patents

15 June 2016

A new era in Australian photonics

24 May 2016

What would Britain's exit from the EU mean for the photonics industry?

19 May 2016

The underrepresentation of women in STEM: Do stereotypes play a role?

11 May 2016

Mergers and acquisitions: good for photonics?

11 May 2016

Inpho Venture Summit to attract investment for European photonics

29 April 2016

Commercialising new tech: advice for photonics start-ups

11 April 2016

Graphene has to show maturity before CMOS integration, say panel at Photonics Europe

7 April 2016

Optical monitoring of neonatal brain injury: towards the development of compact clinical systems

31 March 2016

Digital production to 'fundamentally change' business models, says Photonics21 president

10 March 2016

Top technical roles hard to come by in photonics careers

23 February 2016

Engineer shortage a 'concern' for optics industry

23 February 2016

One hundred years of innovation

21 January 2016

Research-industry links present at UCL-Cambridge industry event

17 January 2016

Could photonics be The Force behind a real lightsaber?

18 December 2015

Year of Light legacy: towards a better future

8 December 2015

UK Central Laser Facility raises damage threshold with plasma optics

23 October 2015

Diamond meta-surfaces offer 'order of magnitude' higher optics laser damage threshold

16 September 2015

Asian shift in policies to impact photonics

29 July 2015

Photonics innovations celebrated at Laser Munich

29 June 2015

European Commission continues support for photonics

5 June 2015

Light technologies to drive industrial Europe, says Photonics21 president

13 May 2015

Better links between stakeholders needed in biophotonics

28 April 2015

EPIC looks to improve investment opportunities at AGM

20 April 2015

Driver assistance to represent €9bn market for photonics by 2020, says Tematys

8 April 2015

Photonics to benefit from US export control reform?

26 March 2015

Collaboration is dead, long live collaboration!

19 March 2015

Nobel Laureates honoured by SPIE at Photonics West

23 February 2015

Outlook positive say industry executives at Photonics West

17 February 2015

Emerging imaging and quantum tech to receive UK funding, says KTN photonics director

18 December 2014

Photonics IP protected? What to consider when commercialising new innovations

19 November 2014

The VC marriage

27 October 2014

Equipping mobile electronic devices with 3D sensing

20 October 2014

Nobel ties and finance discussed at Invest in Photonics

17 October 2014

Google and Apple now the big photonics investors, says chairman of Invest in Photonics

3 October 2014

A day out at your local photonics firm

24 September 2014

EPIC to address standards for photonic integrated circuits

24 September 2014

Mysteries of Stonehenge revealed by laser mapping

16 September 2014

Photonics shop opens for researchers to try before they buy

1 August 2014

Photonic integrated circuits needs standardisation is message from EPIC workshop

20 June 2014

Print production for optics

19 June 2014

Action taken against REACH and RoHS regulations at Optatec

27 May 2014

Avantes CEO reflects on 20 years of spectroscopy at Optatec

27 May 2014

Optics and photonics threatened by EU chemical regulations

19 May 2014

Political barriers limiting investment in Europe, say experts at Photonics21 meeting

2 April 2014

Trumpf's Leibinger points to strong China and UK markets for laser machining

11 March 2014

Taking lasers to the movies

10 March 2014

Raising awareness of photonics in San Fran

17 February 2014

Mind games at Photonics West

14 February 2014

Positive industry outlook expressed at Photonics West

13 February 2014

Can solar make a 'green' difference?

5 February 2014

Pooling technology to advance photonic integrated circuits

13 January 2014

Road to the clinic: opportunities in biophotonics

6 January 2014

Is CO2 running out of gas?

16 December 2013

New strategies in solid-state lighting

9 December 2013

Special delivery - fibre optics at AILU conference

4 December 2013

AILU group formed to address unsafe tabletop laser machines

15 November 2013

Illumination that thinks: the potential for 'smart lighting'

22 October 2013

More funding required for growth in UK photonics, say industry experts

17 October 2013

Executive perspectives on the world of optics and photonics

7 February 2013

Recession is good for acquisitions and new products, say executives

25 October 2011

Executives tackle the future at Photonex

6 October 2011

Cold ablation liberates thin films from HAZ

16 September 2011

Photonics leverage reaches 10 per cent of EU economy, 30m jobs

7 June 2011

Photonics industry buoyant at Laser World of Photonics

26 May 2011

ILAS conference showcases industrial laser technology

18 March 2011

Project launched to accelerate prototype commercialisation

8 October 2010

Gesture recognition technology boosted with high-end optical components

26 July 2010

Target-PDT study aims to improve treatment prospects for cancer sufferers

28 May 2010

Venture investment into photonics shows signs of recovery

10 May 2010

LaserFest celebrates 50 years of lasers

8 March 2010

High turnout expected for Lasys 2010

3 March 2010

HELIOS consortium advances research in CMOS photonics

18 January 2010

SECPhO initiatives identified at inaugural meeting

17 December 2009

Fibre laser innovation vital to the success of European photonics

7 December 2009

Coherent acquires North American operations of StockerYale

30 October 2009

World-class research in the UK

6 October 2009

Knowledge Transfer Networks merge and streamline

8 September 2009

Photonics industry reports an imperfect past, but a bright future

7 August 2009

Green shoots and hope at Munich

6 July 2009

Oclaro and Newport in major asset swap

10 June 2009

IMEC achieves plasmonic breakthrough

8 May 2009

Medical Technology Day opens Trumpf's spring/summer events programme

23 April 2009

Factors contributing to continued success of fibre lasers

17 March 2009

Laser World of Photonics continues to grow

9 March 2009

Laser technology powers efficiency and productivity in photovoltaics

4 March 2009

Credit crunch resistance at Photonics West?

11 February 2009

LASYS 2010 moves to June

5 November 2008

SPIE security symposium draws diverse crowd

9 October 2008

CIOE closes with new records

29 September 2008

SPIE's president reveals future plans

11 September 2008

Trumpf acquires SPI Lasers to develop fibre expertise

9 September 2008

Photonex set for big changes

6 August 2008

£8m grant for next-gen lasers

30 June 2008

Lasers on a Rolls-Royce

9 June 2008

You're using a laser to do what?

6 June 2008

Theory meets practice at AKL'08

12 May 2008

SEPNET re-launches after seven-year break

6 May 2008

OPERA2015 concludes 3-year project

10 April 2008

Systems on show in Stuttgart

7 March 2008

Qioptiq to acquire Point Source

22 February 2008

New European roadmap for nanophotonics

11 February 2008

Laser marking creates 'gold' aluminium

7 February 2008

Photonics West set to attract more than 17,000 visitors

17 January 2008

Sales of automotive LEDs set to double

11 January 2008

New wave of applications for fibre lasers

11 January 2008

Bright future for European photonics

7 December 2007

Fibre laser market set to double by 2011

12 November 2007

Face to face with photonics at Photonex

12 October 2007

Heavy industry sparks debate at Laser 2007

9 July 2007

YouTube drives the laser crystals market

7 June 2007

Machine vision conference secures high profile speakers

4 May 2007

Laser 2007 focuses on 'light at work'

4 April 2007

Conference focuses on benefits of machine vision in manufacturing

16 March 2007

Exhibition to put industrial lasers in the spotlight

6 March 2007

Photonics West receives record numbers of visitors

6 February 2007

The rise of the East

3 January 2007

Oxxius secures $10m funding

20 September 2006