P-080 tubular piezo stack

4 October 2015
PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced the P-080 tubular piezo stack, the newest member of the PICMA line of piezo actuators
Physik Instrumente


24 September 2015
Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, has announced a wide temperature range infrared (IR) emitter designed for demanding military and industrial markets
Opto Diode

Low-profile XY linear motor stages

12 September 2015
Aerotech has announced a series of integrated open-frame stages with precise geometric performance and micrometer-level straightness

Risley prism beamsteering development kit

24 August 2015
A Risley prism beamsteering development kit is being offered to experimenters and system designers interested in assessing the effectiveness of this beamsteering technology

Bandpass filters

24 August 2015
Laser Components has announced it has now started to introduce pyroelectric and lead salt detectors to the IR market
Laser Components

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UVG12 photodiode

24 August 2015
Opto Diode

IG19 and IA35 IR detectors

6 August 2015
Laser Components

Advanced optical shutter and rotary solenoid pairings

16 June 2015
Daco Instruments

Mini Compressor from Samsung

9 June 2015
AMS Technologies

NIR-MX 1060nm band intensity modulator

17 April 2015
Laser Components

2015 Gratings Catalogue

20 March 2015
Richardson Gratings

WaveShaper 1000/SP

20 March 2015
AMS Technologies

DLP chipset

20 March 2015
Texas Instruments

Laser galvanometer interface

20 March 2015
Delta Tau

Galvanometer interface for Power PMAC motion controllers

25 February 2015
Delta Tau

Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) option

24 February 2015
Quantel Laser

LDP-CW 20-50

9 February 2015