Advanced optical shutter and rotary solenoid pairings

Advanced optical shutter and rotary solenoid pairings

16 June 2015
The global launch of advanced optical shutter and rotary solenoid device pairings have been announced by Daco Instruments, part of the Alinabal Group
Daco Instruments

Mini Compressor from Samsung

9 June 2015
AMS Technologies will present for the first time a new lightweight compressor with high efficiency, low vibration and low noise
AMS Technologies

NIR-MX 1060nm band intensity modulator

NIR-MX 1060nm band intensity modulator

17 April 2015
The proven NIR-MX 1060nm band intensity modulator now comes with reduced insertion loss while preserving an unparalleled extinction ratio and high power handling
Laser Components

DLP chipset

20 March 2015
At Pittcon 2015, Texas Instruments announced the expansion of its near-infrared (NIR) chipset portfolio with the industry's first fully programmable micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) chipset that enables ultramobile analysis for a 700-2,500 nm wavel
Texas Instruments

Laser galvanometer interface

20 March 2015
Delta Tau's new laser galvanometer interface for its Power PMAC motion controllers simplifies and improves controls for laser scanning applications, including laser marking, PCB processing, micromachining and medical device manufacturing
Delta Tau

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WaveShaper 1000/SP

20 March 2015
AMS Technologies

2015 Gratings Catalogue

20 March 2015
Richardson Gratings

Galvanometer interface for Power PMAC motion controllers

25 February 2015
Delta Tau

Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) option

24 February 2015
Quantel Laser

LDP-CW 20-50

9 February 2015

Fujikura CT- 105/106

7 January 2015

Composer gas select firmware

26 November 2014

New E-commerce site for optical products

26 November 2014
Ealing Catalog

Expanded portfolio with 10 systems

13 November 2014
Lissotschenko Mikrooptik

UV/IR viewers

9 September 2014
Laser Components

PLC2000 Controller and AC Optical Adapter

22 August 2014
Excelitas Technologies

Talyrond 500H

18 August 2014
Taylor Hobson