LEDs and illumination

SLED-based broadband near-infrared source

SLED-based broadband near-infrared source

9 June 2016
Avo Photonics, a specialist in optoelectronic product design, development, and manufacturing, was commissioned by Luxmux Technology Corporation, to develop and manufacture a solid-state, broadband, continuous emitter
Avo Photonics

5000B-500 solid-state source driver/controller

5000B-500 solid-state source driver/controller

9 June 2016
Innovations in Optics has introduced the 5000B-500 solid-state source driver/controller to independently drive, control and modulate up to 20 different solid-state sources, including combinations of LEDs, LDs and IR VCSEL arrays
Innovations in Optics

Lightningcure LC-L5G

10 May 2016
Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a high-output UV LED light source that offers around seven times the intensity of previous models, for use in applications such as bonding, printing, labelling and more

OmniCure AC550/P and OmniCure AC575/Pair-cooled

25 April 2016
Excelitas Technologies has released its OmniCure AC5 Series UV LED systems for small area curing
Excelitas Technologies

Hi-QE Photocathodes

21 February 2016
Photonis has released of a new photocathode designed to provide a combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and a high quantum efficiency

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MTE9460 series

19 January 2016
Marktech Optoelectronics

NXIR family of photodiodes

17 January 2016
Opto Diode

LumiBright 3300B UV-LED Illuminators

17 January 2016
Innovations in Optics


24 September 2015
Siskiyou Corporation

Cobra Cure FX

14 September 2015

GL TEC Control System

31 August 2015
GL Optic

LS1-3443 and Gel -8136

17 August 2015
NuSil Technology

LDB100F and LDB101F Brightfield LEDs

17 August 2015
Prior Scientific

PixClear for OLED

6 August 2015
Pixelligent Technologies

OD-110W GaAlAs near-infrared (IR) Emitters

8 July 2015
Opto Diode


8 July 2015

Lumen 100-LED illuminator

9 June 2015
Prior Scientific