LEDs and illumination

Low pressure sodium monochromatic light units

Low pressure sodium monochromatic light units

28 October 2014
Knight Optical adds to their portfolio a new range of low pressure sodium monochromatic light units, used for testing fringe patterns on the surface of optical flats (Newton's rings)
Knight Optical

UV LED curing systems

UV LED curing systems

18 September 2014
The OmniCure AC8150, AC8150P, AC8225, AC8225P, and AC8300 air-cooled UV LED curing systems are designed with advanced custom front-end optics to provide high-powered, high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity
Excelitas Technologies

UV-LED Sources

UV-LED Sources

12 August 2014
Innovations in Optics has announced the Aurora UV Classic Line Sources for industrial UV curing as used for the photopolymerization of inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants.
Innovations in Optics

Cobra Cure

29 July 2014
ProPhotonix has launched the Cobra Cure, a major upgrade to the power and function of its Cobra Slim series of Chip-On-Board (COB) LED lighting solutions

Directional Turning Film (DTF) and Round Tip Display Film (RTD

24 July 2014
Acal BFi has introduced light directing and brightness enhancing films from Luminit to the European photonics, lighting and display markets
Acal BFi

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LumiBright 3300B UV-LED Illuminators

9 June 2014
Innovations in Optics

LumiBright UV boards

15 April 2014
Innovations in Optics

Pulsable IR Emitters

18 March 2014
Laser Components

LS-6 series

18 February 2014
Excelitas Technologies

UV flash lamp

18 February 2014


4 February 2014
Energetiq Technology

Range of monochromatic light sources

17 January 2014
LOT Quantum Design

LumiBright FC fibre-coupled LED light engine

14 January 2014
Innovations in Optics

OmniCure AC Series air-cooled UV curing systems

2 January 2014
Lumen Dynamics

BlueWave 200 3.0

2 January 2014

pE-4000 LED

18 October 2013

OD-669-850 infrared LED illuminator

22 August 2013
Opto Diode