Lenses and optics

Calcium fluoride optics

19 January 2016
A full line of calcium fluoride optics for use as front surface optics in detectors, sensors, spectrometers, instruments, and lasers are available from Meller Optics
Meller Optics

Online-calculation tool

19 January 2016
Prazisions Glas & Optik has released a free online-calculation tool to calculate the transmittance of any Schott optical glass filter

Pulse compression gratings

17 November 2015
Ibsen Photonics is adding nine new Pulse Compression Gratings to its stock available line-up of 100 per cent fused silica transmission gratings for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression
Ibsen Photonics

VersaChrome Edge

17 November 2015
Semrock has launched the new VersaChrome Edge range of tunable long- and short-pass filters

180-degree field-of-view fisheye lens

17 November 2015
A new lightweight, 180-degree field-of-view (FOV) F/1.4, high definition fisheye lens for use in commercial and defence applications, has been released by Ophir Optics
Ophir Optics

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Techspec Laser Line PCX Cylinder Lenses

3 November 2015
Edmund Optics

RapidBand stock programme

24 August 2015
Laser Components

Reflective collimators

17 August 2015
Optical Surfaces

Cylindrical lenses

17 August 2015
Rocky Mountain Instrument

193nm XL high-reflectance coating

17 August 2015
Acton Optics & Coatings

Ultra-narrowband filters

17 August 2015
Laser Components

OptiCentric Bonding 5D

27 July 2015


23 July 2015
Laser Components

Techspec best form aspheric lenses

11 July 2015
Edmund Optics

Brilliant Violet and Ultraviolet Filter Sets

9 July 2015

Narrow bandpass filters

19 June 2015

TechSpec High Power Nd:YAG Laser Mirrors

18 June 2015
Edmund Optics