#4000 and #4100 silver-based coatings

#4000 and #4100 silver-based coatings

12 September 2015
Acton Optics & Coatings has introduced two new broadband coatings that provide UV reflectivity while maintaining high reflectance up to the mid-IR wavelength range
Acton Optics & Coatings

Solid ITO

24 February 2015
Reynard Corporation, a leading global supplier of optical components and thin film coatings, has now made available custom optical heated windows that utilize conductive materials. Heated windows are the most cost effective way to keep imaging planes or
Reynard Corporation

Laser Crystals

Laser Crystals

26 March 2014
Edmund Optics has introduced new laser crystals. Nd:YAG laser crystals feature high optical homogeneity, high laser damage thresholds, processing accuracy and good stability
Edmund Optics

Double-sided structures in plastic

19 December 2013
CDA has extended its integration capability through the manufacture of double-sided structures in plastic



13 February 2013
Deposition Sciences, manufacturer of thin film optical coatings, has announced an enhanced capability to apply highly specialised, durable coatings onto extremely complex shapes and multifaceted surfaces
Deposition Sciences

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CVD Diamond Material

29 October 2008
Element Six

Suprasil Standard Commercial Grade

12 June 2008
Heraeus Quarzglas

Nd:YAG rods

15 April 2008

Aluminium alloys with ultra-fine microstructure for optical apps

2 April 2008
RSP Technology

OptoTherm OCB201 Series

10 March 2008
Optek Technology

Solid-state rods, plates and slabs

22 October 2007
Northrop Grumman Synoptics

RTP Q-swtich/PPSLT

20 March 2007
Raicol Crystals