Leica DM4 P

14 July 2015
Leica Microsystems has launched the Leica DM4 P polarisation microscope for the investigation of crystalline structures such as minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement
Leica Microsystems

Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M

11 July 2015
The Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M upright microscopes for materials investigation have been introduced by Leica Microsystems. Both instruments have been designed for imaging, measurement, and analysis of similar features across many samples and materials
Leica Microsystems

FLIM systems with Zeiss Big 2 detectors

22 June 2015
The Becker-hickl FLIM systems for the Zeiss LSM 710 / 780 / 880 laser scanning microscopes record high-efficiency FLIM and FCS with the Zeiss BiG 2 detectors

iLine F

iLine F

16 June 2015
An in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope, the iLine F, has ben introduced by Ovizio Imaging System, a quantitative microscopy company that specialises in solutions for the life sciences market

DCS-120 System

DCS-120 System

3 June 2015
Using new 64 bit SPCM data acquisition software, the bh DCS‑120 FLIM system records images of the full field of view of a microscope lens at diffraction-limited resolution
Becker and Hickl

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Leica DVM6

20 April 2015
Leica Microsystems


8 April 2015
Lambert Instruments

Leica DMi8 microscope

20 March 2015
Leica Microsystems


3 March 2015


25 February 2015

Zeiss LSM 800

21 January 2015

XE15 atomic force microscope

26 February 2014

Leica DCM8

19 February 2014
Leica Microsystems

IDRaman micro

10 December 2013
Ocean Optics

Park XE-7

10 December 2013
Park systems

MPTflex CARS system

26 November 2013

MC2 chromatic confocal microscope

26 November 2013