Positioning equipment

Hybrid polygon laser scanner

23 June 2014
Scanlab will introduce an integrated hybrid polygon laser scan system at Lasys in Stuttgart

Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder

9 June 2014
Aerotech has introduced a Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder, a compact, high-performance linear positioning stage featuring smooth travel combined with high accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25nm

D-Drive Pro

D-Drive Pro

9 June 2014
Piezosystem Jena has launched the D-Drive Pro, the latest generation of digital control electronics for piezo actuators, for micro and nano positioning for accurate movement of optical components
Piezosystem jena


23 May 2014
PI (Physik Instrumente) now offers the M-417 stage, which has a repeatability of 0.5um over a 500mm travel range, for precise positioning tasks in precision fabrication and automation
Physik Instrumente

P-630 stages

P-630 stages

1 May 2014
Physik Instrumente (PI) has launched a product line of linear nanopositioning systems, the P-630 stages, for a range of applications including use in sensor heads or precision motion of objects in optical and tactile metrology
Physik Instrumente

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24 April 2014

Rotary piezo stages

11 April 2014

PICMA multilayer actuators

11 April 2014
Physik Instrumente

Hybrid Hexapod

2 April 2014
Laser 2000

H-820 Hexapod

18 March 2014
Physik Instrumente

LPT 30

25 February 2014


20 February 2014
PI miCos

N-470 linear actuator

19 February 2014
Physik Instrumente


27 January 2014

Stack type actuators series PA

6 January 2014
Piezosystem jena

Compact-506 model optical scanner

15 November 2013

P-878 DuraAct Power piezo patch transducer

11 November 2013
PI Ceramic