Positioning equipment

Single-mode fiber couplers

17 January 2016
A new opto-mechanical tool for coupling light into single-mode fiber optics from Siskiyou Corporation offers a unique combination of high precision adjustment in a very compact package
Siskiyou Corporation

S-331 steering mirror platforms

17 November 2015
Physik Instrumente (PI) has released the S-331 fast tip/tilt platform, the newest piezo steering mirrors in PI's portfolio
Physik Instrumente


17 November 2015
A new manual actuator available from Siskiyou Corporation utilises the finest pitch #4 screw currently available, enabling OEMs to construct smaller, higher precision optical mounts and positioners

Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS

17 November 2015
Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS high-precision linear stages have been introduced by Owis

Mipos 140 and Mipos 250 SG

17 November 2015
Piezosystem jena has extended its Mipos objective positioner series with the addition of the Mipos 140 and Mipos 250 SG
Piezosystem jena

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A-141 miniature air bearing linear positioner

17 October 2015
Physik Instrumente

Strut-based mounting system

13 October 2015

VT 30

14 September 2015

PIMag V-551

24 August 2015
Physik Instrumente


13 August 2015
Physik Instrumente

Techspec Right Angle Mirrors

10 August 2015
Edmund Optics

Q-521 linear positioner

13 July 2015
Physik Instrumente


13 July 2015

Planar DLA XY

29 June 2015

PIglide HS

26 June 2015
PI (Physik Instrumente)

Optics clip

22 June 2015

FAPO 40, FAPO 50 and FAPO 65

22 June 2015