Positioning equipment

Guardian Series

25 April 2016
Newport is adding the Guardian Series of active isolation workstations to its portfolio of isolation systems

Gold Series flexure stages

12 April 2016
Elliot Scientific is now shipping automated alignment packages comprising their latest in piezo controlled Elliot Martock Gold Series flexure stages
Elliot Scientific

500 series

16 March 2016
A new series of low cost DC drive motors from Siskiyou enable precise, hands-free adjustment of translation stages and mirror mounts using a simple, push button control pad

IXFs series

22 February 2016
A new series of OEM, single axis, optical mounts from Siskiyou Corporation offer exceptional stability at a low price point

Z-Deck range

21 February 2016
Prior Scientific's Z-Deck range is a high quality, height adjustable platform designed specifically for upright microscopes widely used in electrophysiology and neuroscience
Prior Scientific

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DALi 3

21 February 2016
Elliot Scientific

Single-mode fiber couplers

17 January 2016
Siskiyou Corporation

Mipos 140 and Mipos 250 SG

17 November 2015
Piezosystem jena

Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS

17 November 2015


17 November 2015

S-331 steering mirror platforms

17 November 2015
Physik Instrumente

A-141 miniature air bearing linear positioner

17 October 2015
Physik Instrumente

Strut-based mounting system

13 October 2015

VT 30

14 September 2015

PIMag V-551

24 August 2015
Physik Instrumente


13 August 2015
Physik Instrumente

Techspec Right Angle Mirrors

10 August 2015
Edmund Optics