Sensors and detectors

SXUV5 θ2.5 mm photodiode

SXUV5 θ2.5 mm photodiode

19 August 2014
Opto Diode, a division of ITW, has introduced a new photodiode with a circular active area, the SXUV θ2.5mm. The device provides excellent stability after extreme ultraviolet (EUV) conditions
Opto Diode

SiTek Electro Optics ABs Position Sensing Detectors

24 July 2014
Laser Components has released SiTek Electro Optics AB's Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs). As PSDs function according to the Lateral Effect Photodiode principle they display excellent resolution and speed in position detections applications
Laser Components

Photodiodes with fibre pigtails

Photodiodes with fibre pigtails

16 June 2014
Laser Components Detector Group now manufactures avalanche photodiodes with fibre pigtails. With a semi-automatic assembly unit, the fibres can be adjusted precisely within a few microns and thus achieve coupling efficiencies of almost 100 per cent
Laser Components

iVac 316 detector

21 May 2014
Andor Technology has launched a sensitive, OEM-dedicated NIR spectroscopy detector. The iVac 316 offers the latest innovation in sensor technology with high sensitivity in the NIR region
Andor Technology

YAG-555-4AH silicon PIN quadrant detectors

21 May 2014
Excelitas Technologies has released the YAG-555-4AH, the newest addition to its YAG family of 1,064nm enhanced silicon PIN quadrant detectors
Excelitas Technologies

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LAPD 1550-30R APD

21 May 2014
OSI Laser Diode

Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

2 April 2014
Hamamatsu Photonics


3 March 2014


25 February 2014
Opto Diode

Polymer optical fibre

19 February 2014
AMS Technologies

LynXea photon counting module

18 February 2014
Aurea Technology

PixelSensor developer board

27 January 2014

VisiPro DO Ex

17 January 2014

SXUV100 photodiode

7 January 2014
Opto Diode

PE9-ES-C pyroelectric sensor

7 January 2014
Ophir Photonics

PSM2-45 position sensing module

2 January 2014
Laser Components

RFID LensLine

10 December 2013