GL Spectis 1.0 Touch FL

GL Spectis 1.0 Touch FL

7 October 2016
The new GL Spectis 1.0 Touch FL spectrometer from GL Optic can measure changes in luminous flux (flicker) over a signal range of 0.1Hz to 12.5kHz for most light sources
GL Optic

DISB spectrometer electronics

DISB spectrometer electronics

6 October 2016
Ibsen Photonics, a provider of fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, has introduced a new line of OEM electronics for its spectrometers - called DISB
Ibsen Photonics



30 September 2016
The new AvaSpec-Her spectrometer from Avantes is suitable for applications that require high resolution, high sensitivity and USB3 or Ethernet interfaces

Fergie spectroscopy system

Fergie spectroscopy system

26 September 2016
Princeton Instruments has launched the Fergie spectroscopy system, a fully integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector
Princeton Instruments

CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometers

18 September 2016
Instrument Systems has added new models to its line CAS 140CT spectroradiometers, which combine the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments
Instrument Systems

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Flame-Chem spectrophotometer systems

18 September 2016
Ocean Optics

RAM-SERS-SP Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates

5 September 2016
Ocean Optics

Super Demon

14 July 2016
LTB Lasertechnik

AvaSpec-NIR 2.5-HSC

15 June 2016

FTIR 4300

10 June 2016


20 May 2016
Gamma Scientific

Aryelle 400

22 February 2016
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin


21 February 2016
Ocean Optics

Eagle Raman-S spectrometer

17 January 2016
Ibsen Photonics


13 October 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics

Freedom HR-DUV

12 September 2015
Ibsen Photonics

Motorised Large Spheres

6 August 2015
Gooch & Housego