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STRAIGHTliner series

STRAIGHTliner series

30 October 2014
To supplement its range of high accuracy laser modules Laser Components has developed the STRAIGHTliner series which allows you to quickly and easily measure straightness, evenness along an axis, and minute movements in an easy to use package
Laser Components

GL Spectis 6.0

21 October 2014
GL Optic has developed a robust, laboratory-grade product engineered for large scale purposes: the GL Spectis 6.0
GL Optic

Mini-Diff and Bench Reflet

21 October 2014
Light Tec proposes the Mini-Diff for scattering measurement (BRDF/BTDF). It combines a compact size, cost efficiency, and good performances with a flexibility of use
Light Tec


21 August 2014
Laser Components has now added another module to its COUNT range, the COUNT-S. By using its own SAP500 and specially designed passive quenching circuits from qutools, the COUNT-S is a lower cost alternative to other photon counters available on the market
Laser Components

LabMax-Pro SSIM

LabMax-Pro SSIM

20 August 2014
The new LabMax-Pro SSIM laser power meter from Coherent works with the company's recently introduced PowerMax-Pro sensors to enable high speed measurements of lasers from 300 nm to 11 micrometres

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Level Transducer

18 August 2014
Measurement Specialties

Talyrond 500H

11 August 2014
Taylor Hobson


29 July 2014
Ophir Photonics

Pyrocam IVs

24 July 2014
Ophir Photonics

1,064nm PhaseCam 6000

10 June 2014
4D Technology

Q six

9 June 2014
Sensofar Medical

PhaseCam 6000

23 May 2014
4D Technology

PowerMax-Pro sensors

21 May 2014


20 May 2014
Ophir Photonics

4D Technology's measurement systems

25 April 2014
Laser Physics

Measurement system for 300mm optics

11 April 2014
4D Technology

AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser

26 March 2014