Cameras and imaging

Dragonfly Imaging Platform and Fusion Software

12 July 2016
Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company, has introduced Dragonfly, a high-speed confocal imaging platform supporting multiple high-contrast imaging techniques
Andor Technology

LumiCol 1900

10 May 2016
Instrument Systems has introduced the LumiCol 1900, a high-speed 2-in-1 imaging colorimeter. It is especially designed for versatile test applications in display production lines
Instrument Systems

WP MicroAngio

21 March 2016
Wasatch Photonics, a provider for gratings, spectrometers and optical coherence tomography instrumentation, has launched a new imaging device, WP MicroAngio
Wasatch Photonics

The Real Eye Nano

16 March 2016
Precision Glass & Optics has announced the customisation of two thin film optical components for a high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) accessory developed by Avotec
Precision Glass & Optics

Pyrocam IIIHR

Pyrocam IIIHR

25 February 2015
Ophir Photonics has announced the newest member of the Pyrocam family of pyroelectric laser beam profiling cameras at Photonics West, the Pyrocam IIIHR
Ophir Photonics

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LumiCam 1300 Advanced

24 February 2015
Instrument Systems

OCI-U hyperspectral imager

21 January 2015

ProMetric Y

24 July 2014
Sphere Optics

Senso Drive and SensoDrive- P

5 March 2014
Senso Optics

TS-IR infrared camera

7 February 2014

SeamLine Pro

30 January 2014

Micro-Hyperspec hyperspectral sensor

29 October 2013

iKon-L HF fibre optic camera

21 October 2013
Andor Technology

MagniView technology

18 October 2013
Pentax Medical

ImageIR 9300

22 August 2013
Armstrong Optical


24 June 2013

Flir A3500sc / A6500sc

24 June 2013
Flir Systems