Fibre optics

OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED System

17 October 2015
Excelitas Technologies has launched the new air-cooled OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System
Excelitas Technologies

Fibre recoaters and fibre cleavers

Fibre recoaters and fibre cleavers

17 June 2015
Fujikura, a developer and manufacturer of fusion splicer technology, has introduced its new fibre recoater series and new fibre cleavers

Graded Index Pure Silica Core Multimode Fiber

24 February 2015
Fibercore officially released its new harsh environment Graded Index Pure Silica Core Multimode Fiber product at this year's Photonics West exhibition

Puravis GOF120

21 May 2014
Schott has expanded its portfolio of lead-free Puravis step index fibres for illumination applications to include the GOF120. The new glass fibre achieves an aperture angle of up to 120 degrees

Visible wavelength Fiber-Q

Visible wavelength Fiber-Q

25 April 2014
Gooch and Housego has introduced a range of visible wavelength versions of its fibre-coupled acousto-optic devices for microscopy and instrumentation applications
Gooch and Housego

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Optical sensing fibre

3 March 2014

3D Optofan series

3 March 2014

Tip fibre assemblies

18 February 2014
Fiberguide Industries

Fibre coupler

22 October 2013
Laser Components

Specialty optical fibres

16 September 2013
Polymicro Technologies


24 June 2013

Fibre Optic Multiplexers

5 March 2013


15 February 2013
Discovery Semiconductors

Ultra-wideband fused couplers

14 February 2013
Gooch & Housego

918D-IS sensors

28 January 2013


25 January 2013
NKT Photonics

Fused fibre coupler

21 January 2013
Gooch & Housego