Lasers and diodes

Fidelity lasers

17 November 2015
Coherent has announced two new ultrafast fiber lasers that offer a combination of high average power and short pulsewidth

Flare NX

10 November 2015
Coherent has introduced the new Flare NX, an ultra-compact, pulsed laser that enables applications such as matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization - time of flight (MALDI-TOF) analytical measurements, and laser microdissection


3 November 2015
Laser Components has implemented its pulsed laser diodes in a small, shielded metal housing, while operation of the Cube modules only requires a trigger signal and a standard 12 VDC voltage supply
Laser Components

808nm diode laser

17 October 2015
Laser Components has introduced an 808nm diode laser which utilises the multi-emitter pump platform to achieve 35W and 60W output power from 105um fibre, and 100W output from 200um fibre
Laser Components

Silicon carbide UV photodiodes

13 October 2015
Laser Components has announced IFW's addition of large area 4H n-type SiC photodiodes, with 'anode on top'
Laser Components

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DPSS laser kit

28 September 2015

BI-SMT photodetector series

31 August 2015
OSI Optoelectronics

iChrome SLE

27 July 2015

PLT5 520

20 July 2015
Laser Components

SLM-632 Single Longitudinal Mode Diode Laser

13 July 2015
Laser Components


9 July 2015

VisIR-765 STED and VisUV

26 June 2015

488nm FLEXPOINT Laser Modules

26 June 2015
Laser Components

BB-635 and BB-650

22 June 2015

Explorer One XP 355-2

22 June 2015

Excelsior One NB 488-50

19 June 2015

Q-smart Twins and Elba laser systems

19 June 2015
Quantel Laser