Lasers and diodes

OSRAM 488nm Laser Diodes

29 August 2014
ProPhotonix is pleased to announce an extension to its range of Osram laser diodes with the release of a new 488nm device. The PLT5-488 is a single mode device outputting 60mW packaged in a 5.6mm can

ZFSM Series

ZFSM Series

19 August 2014
Emerging from the ZFSM Series, Z-LASER now manufactures an OEM fiber-coupled laser platform for diagnostic and intra-operative medical applications

HL63193MG laser diode

HL63193MG laser diode

18 August 2014
The Optoelectronics Company has announced that Oclaro's high power HL63193MG laser diode is now in mass production, which will interest the laser TV, video projection, and show laser markets
The Optoelectronics Company

3D PRO Laser Green Series

12 August 2014
ProPhotonix, a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, has released the 3D PRO Laser Green Series, an extension of the structured light laser product portfolio

PicoEmerald S

PicoEmerald S

11 August 2014
The picoEmerald S from APE combines a picosecond OPO and it's pump laser in a single housing. The pump source offers shorter pulses of 2ps with 10cm-1 spectral width compared to the original picoEmerald version offering 6ps
Photonic Solutions

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HL63193MG laser diode

29 July 2014
Optoelectronics Company

Green laser diodes

24 July 2014

Obis LG lasers

24 July 2014

Multiwave Series of fibre lasers

23 July 2014

560 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head

15 July 2014

Fibre-coupled single-mode laser diodes at 660nm

15 July 2014
Laser components

Compact-Evolution diode laser

15 July 2014

Diode laser systems

16 June 2014

Cobolt Rumba 1064nm

12 June 2014

Cobolt Odin series

11 June 2014

Flexpoint laser modules with microprocessors

10 June 2014
Laser Components

Continuously Tunable Lasers

6 June 2014