Lasers and diodes

iChrome SLE

27 July 2015
The new multi-laser engine iChrome SLE from Toptica supports multi-colour applications that require separate microscope input ports

PLT5 520

20 July 2015
Laser Components has announced that its product portfolio now includes three different laser diodes with emission wavelengths of 520nm
Laser Components

SLM-632 Single Longitudinal Mode Diode Laser

13 July 2015
An inexpensive alternative to HeNe lasers, the SLM-632 single longitudinal mode diode laser has been announced by Laser Components
Laser Components


9 July 2015
The titanium-doped sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) has been unveiled by Synoptics, a supplier for a diverse commercial business that operates in the medical, industrial and scientific laser markets

VisIR-765 STED and VisUV

26 June 2015
PicoQuant has introduced the picosecond pulsed laser platforms VisIR-765 STED and VisUV to its range

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488nm FLEXPOINT Laser Modules

26 June 2015
Laser Components

BB-635 and BB-650

22 June 2015

Explorer One XP 355-2

22 June 2015

Q-smart Twins and Elba laser systems

19 June 2015
Quantel Laser

Excelsior One NB 488-50

19 June 2015

SCW 1430 laser diode module series

18 June 2015
OSI Laser Diode

LuOcean Mini series

3 June 2015

Optical Frequency Combs

11 May 2015
Menlo Systems

Narrow bandwidth and stable-wavelength high-power laser diode

5 May 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics

ConoLine-100 laser line projection system

28 April 2015

FemtoFiber pro SCYb

28 April 2015

LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules

20 April 2015
Laser Components