Laser systems

Magna EVO

Magna EVO

7 October 2016
With maximum pulse energies of 250 millijoules at only 500 picosecond pulse width, the new DPSS laser system Magna EVO from InnoLas Laser is an ideal solution for many pulsed laser experiments
InnoLas Laser

Photline DR-PL-10-MO driver

20 May 2016
Modulator drivers can be used to boost the signal voltage to the levels suitable for the modulator. Laser Components offers the Photline range of RF drivers
Laser Components


20 May 2016
Resolution Spectra Systems has introduced the LW-10: a compact, high-resolution laser wavelength meter for continuous wave and pulsed lasers
Resolution Spectra Systems

IR conversion screens

17 November 2015
Laser Components has announced the addition of two new converter cards for infrared radiation to its comprehensive range of conversion screen
Laser Components

ILM12F series

17 October 2015
Laser Components has announced a focusable industrial laser module with enhanced features from the company's standard laser diode modules
Laser Components

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FemtoFiber ultra NIR

17 August 2015

Trioptics laser rod test station

6 August 2015
Armstrong Optical

Photonic Professional GT 3D printer

3 March 2015

TeraPulse 4000

25 February 2015

DLC SHG pro systems

21 January 2015

Laser zoom processing head

21 January 2015


20 November 2014

VXmodel, Go!Scan 50 and 20, and HandyScan 700 and 300

23 May 2014

Sealys Color in Polycarbonate laser engraving process

23 May 2014

HMI on StarCut Tube

20 May 2014

Automatic shuttle table

25 April 2014


26 March 2014
IPG Photonics