Positioning equipment

PICMA multilayer actuators

11 April 2014
Physik Instrumente (PI) Ceramic has introduced encapsulated PICMA multilayer actuators with improved heat dissipation properties
Physik Instrumente

Rotary piezo stages

11 April 2014
Motionlink now supplies Micronix USA's range of long-travel linear and accurate rotary piezo stages. The PPS linear piezo stage range offers long travel up to 100mm

Hybrid Hexapod

Hybrid Hexapod

2 April 2014
Laser 2000 has introduced the Hybrid Hexapod from ALIO Industries. With the combination of serial and parallel kinematic axes, it is possible to achieve high precision and dynamic, as well as a flexible combination of travel ranges and dimensions
Laser 2000

H-820 Hexapod

H-820 Hexapod

18 March 2014
PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced the H-820 Hexapod. The parallel-kinematic positioning system has been proven to reliably attain a linear repeatability of 20 micrometres
Physik Instrumente

LPT 30

LPT 30

25 February 2014
Owis has introduced linear precision stages with a width of 30mm and a working height of 16mm

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20 February 2014
PI miCos

N-470 linear actuator

19 February 2014
Physik Instrumente


27 January 2014

Stack type actuators series PA

6 January 2014
Piezosystem jena

Compact-506 model optical scanner

15 November 2013

P-878 DuraAct Power piezo patch transducer

11 November 2013
PI Ceramic

P-736 Z axis piezo scanner

11 November 2013
Physik Instrumente

N-603 linear positioning stages

7 November 2013
Physik Instrumente

MPS-SV series lift stages

22 October 2013

U- 264KSPA linear actuator

21 October 2013
Physik Instrumente

Digital Radius Slides

18 October 2013
4D Technology

N-725 Optical Axis Nano-positioning System

14 August 2013
Physik Instrumente