Analysis, test and measurement

Measurement system for 300mm optics

11 April 2014
4D Technology has introduced a suite of products for high quality, low cost measurement of 300mm diameter optics
4D Technology

AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser

26 March 2014
Yokogawa has introduced its AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser, which incorporates a number of new functions designed to enhance its accuracy and analysis capabilities in the 600-1,700nm wavelength range

LGS 1000 goniometer

26 March 2014
Instrument Systems has released upgrades for its LGS 1000 goniometer, which is ideal for measuring angle-dependent spatial radiation characteristics of large LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products, as well as lamps and luminaires
Instrument Systems

AP264XB Optical Complex Spectrum Analyser

AP264XB Optical Complex Spectrum Analyser

5 March 2014
APEX Technologies has launched its AP264XB Optical Complex Spectrum Analyser (OCSA), which can be used as an optical modulation analyser and as an optical spectrum analyser
APEX Technologies

Absolute Multiline Technology

Absolute Multiline Technology

20 February 2014
Etalon has developed Absolute Multiline Technology, which combines the advantages of an interferometer with those of absolute measuring systems
Etalon AG

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19 February 2014
Tower Optical

Integra series of detectors

18 February 2014
Gentec Electro-Optics

Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester and Fiber Cleaver

18 February 2014
3SAE Technologies

BeamGage, BeamTrack, BeamWatch and coatings

17 February 2014
Ophir Photonics

STS spectral test and calibration system

4 February 2014

Gentec Maestro and Gentec M-Link

27 January 2014
Laser Lines

AccuFiz 6MP laser interferometer

27 January 2014
4D Technology

Beam Analyzer Touch

17 January 2014
AMS Technologies

ProMetric I2

8 January 2014
Radiant Zemax

Eigenlight Fibre Optic mirror reflectors

17 December 2013
Laser Components


10 December 2013
Haas Laser Technologies

Portal measuring system

6 December 2013