Position Synchronised Pulse control device

26 March 2014
Schleicher Electronic has developed the Position Synchronised Pulse (PSP) control device, consisting of software and the special ProNumeric XSL module, which facilitates highly-accurate time control and complex signal sequences
Schleicher Electronic



4 November 2013
Ixys has introduced the PCX-7500 high-power laser diode driver/current source

PCX-7401 laser diode driver

PCX-7401 laser diode driver

22 October 2013
Ixys has introduced the PCX-7401 precision laser diode driver and current source by its Ixys Colorado division



15 November 2011
Analog Modules has announced the release of its continuous wave (CW) and pulsed laser diode driver, model 784
Analog Modules



12 September 2011
Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based fibre optics specialist, has unveiled a new multi-channel polarisation controller
Phoenix Photonics

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PulseLink USB controller

7 September 2011
Photonic Solutions

LSC-035 driver circuit for laser diodes

23 August 2011
Laser Components

8000 series board level digital delay pulse generators

22 July 2011
Photonic Solutions

LDP-CW 20-50 OEM

12 July 2011
Laser Components

PLD-CH diode driver at 12.5A

9 June 2011
Wavelength Electronics

Miniature high-voltage digital bias control modules

3 March 2011
Laser Components

Seed laser diode driver

7 October 2010
BFi Optilas

Laser diode control kits

7 October 2010

eDrive diode laser drivers

14 July 2010
Photonic Solutions

Software version 3.0 for NanoHarp 250

7 June 2010

Model 6100 laser diode and temperature controller

12 March 2010
Newport Corporation

SH85-4U001 VCSEL chips

29 January 2010
The Optoelectronics Company