Lasers and diodes

BTF14 modules

17 April 2014
Lumics, based in Berlin, Germany, has broadened its portfolio of single-mode fibre pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode

PUFL UV fibre lasers

17 April 2014
AMS Technologies has introduced a new series of UV fibre lasers. The PUFL series UV fibre lasers are pulsed laser sources emitting at 355nm
AMS Technologies

SLM laser modules

17 April 2014
Laser Components has introduced the SLM (single longitudinal mode) range of laser modules, available from PD-LD
Laser Components

Direct emission 520nm green laser diode modules

Direct emission 520nm green laser diode modules

15 April 2014
The Optoelectronics Company has launched a range of direct emission 520nm green laser diode modules which offer OEMs an alternative to DPSS green laser modules
Optoelectronics Company

TG400 green laser

9 April 2014
Technifor has expanded its laser offering by integrating a new technology: the TG400 green laser. The new solution permits marking of materials that do not interact with other classic laser equipment

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Cool and Control diode driver modules

26 March 2014

Talon 355-15

18 March 2014

980nm pump laser module

5 March 2014
3SP Group

ZFSM upgrade for LP-HFD

27 February 2014

OEM Monolithic Light Engine

25 February 2014
Melles Griot

LightWave CO2 lasers

19 February 2014
Kern Technologies

808nm Fabry Perot laser diode and BAL-670

19 February 2014
Eagleyard Photonics


19 February 2014

WhiteLase SC480-20

18 February 2014

FBLD-980-10-FC-HHL and FLC300

18 February 2014
Frankfurt Laser Company

Four QSI laser diodes

18 February 2014

LuOcean 1,940nm diode laser

18 February 2014