White Papers

New compact high repetition rate lasers for LIBS

By Håkan Karlsson, Elizabeth Illy, Bertrand Noharet & Tania Irebo
3 June 2014

White Paper Lead ImageLaser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is an atomic-emission spectroscopy technique that enables rapid chemical analysis of a wide range of materials ranging from metals, semiconductors, glasses, biological tissues, plastics, soils, thin-paint coating, and electronic materials. The LIBS technology has received substantially increased interest over recent years as a result of the development of more compact, even hand-held, systems that enables in-field use and construction of tools for on-line material analysis. This development has been made possible by the increased availability of more compact and industrial-grade system components including lasers, spectrographs and CCD cameras. In this application note we present how a new class of compact lasers with multi-kHZ pulse repetition rates enables significant reduction of the footprint of a LIBS system.

All About Aspheric Lenses

By Edmund Optics
30 May 2014

White Paper Lead ImageGETTING STARTED: Benefits of an aspheric lens

Ophir Pyro OEM Sensors – What options are available?

By Julian Marsden
6 May 2014

White Paper Lead ImagePyroelectric sensors have been used widely in the laser industry for many years to measure energy. They allow measurement of individual pulse energy or pulse-to-pulse variation for rapidly pulsing lasers, something that cannot be done with photodiode or thermal sensors. They also are not limited to visible or near-IR wavelengths like photodiodes, allowing measurements into the deep IR and THz regions. Ophir has recently introduced a new series of Pyroelectric OEM sensors based on the “PE-C” line of standard Pyroelectric sensors, which were introduced in 2011. This document presents the various options available to customers, lists the advantages of the new series over existing products, and mentions the capabilities of the new line.

Narrow line diode laser stacks for DPAL pumping

1 May 2014

White Paper Lead ImageDiode pumped alkali metal vapour lasers (DPALs) offer the promise of scalability to very high average power levels while maintaining excellent beam quality, making them an attractive candidate for future defence applications. A variety of gain media are used and each requires a different pump wavelength: near 852nm for caesium, 780nm for rubidium, 766nm for potassium, and 670nm for lithium atoms. The biggest challenge in pumping these materials efficiently is the narrow gain media absorption band of approximately 0.01nm.

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverPhotonc sensor to combat TB

A lab-on-chip device, being designed as part of a European project, promises to reduce the cost of diagnosis tuberculosis dramatically – and save many lives in the developing world. Greg Blackman speaks to Wim Van Roy at Imec, one of the coordinators of the project

Electro Optics coverKeeping count on light

Highly sensitive detectors are enabling techniques like quantum cryptography and forms of flourescence spectroscopy. Tom Eddershaw investigates the technology for detecting individual photons

Electro Optics coverSolar research leads to laser discovery

Perovskites are being tipped as materials that will revolutionise solar power. Now, an Oxbridge team of scientists have used its luminescent properties to make a laser from the mineral. Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Felix Deschler and Michael Price of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory, who worked on the project

Electro Optics coverLasers in profile

Greg Blackman gets to grips with the various methods for analysing high-power lasers, including a novel method that calculates power according to the weight of the beam

Press releases

560 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head

15 July 2014
LASERS AND DIODES560 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head
PicoQuant announces the release of the 560 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head. The availability of this new wavelength opens the door for entirely new applications in bioanalytics, biochemistry, genetics, semiconductor characterisation, and quality con

Compact-Evolution diode laser

15 July 2014
LASERS AND DIODESCompact-Evolution diode laser
DILAS, the diode laser company expands its Compact-Evolution diode laser system to deliver 1200 watt output power from a 300 micrometre (0.22NA) fiber at 976nm

Fibre-coupled single-mode laser diodes at 660nm

15 July 2014
Laser components has released its fibre-coupled single-mode laser diodes at 660nm. The fibre emits an optical power from 5mW to 50mW
Laser components


15 July 2014
LIPA, the Laser Illuminated Project Association headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, is a joint body consisting of representatives of high-tech companies active in the visualization industry

Photonic Solutions appoints Dr Mark Thompson as Sales Manager

15 July 2014
Photonic Solutions has appointed Dr Mark Thompson as Sales Manager covering the UK and Ireland. Mark brings to the role a wealth of experience gained over many years in the photonics industry

Photonic Solutions represents Time Bandwidth lasers in the UK and Ireland

15 July 2014
Following the acquisition of Time-Bandwidth Products (Zurich, Switzerland) by JDSU in January 2014, Photonic Solutions (Edinburgh, UK) has been appointed to handle these laser products in the UK and Ireland