White Papers

SPF – UV Blocking Effectiveness of Sunscreens

By Dieter Bingemann, Ph.D.
19 August 2016

White Paper Lead ImageIn this white paper, Ocean Optics evaluates the UV blocking capacity of sunscreens. Sunscreens typically comprise UV absorbing or reflecting ingredients that protect skin from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiation.

Next-generation thin-film optical filters enhance excitation and emission in fluorescence imaging and detection systems

By the Alluxa Engineering Team
22 July 2016

White Paper Lead ImageFluorescence based systems have revolutionized the way organisms, cells, and biomolecules are visualized and detected. However, challenges that are common in these instruments, such as bleedthrough, background autofluorescence, and poor signal-to-noise ratios (S/N), can reduce performance and lead to frustration.

Selecting the optimum laser diode for your application

By ProPhotonix
4 July 2016

White Paper Lead ImageIn this whitepaper, ProPhotonix discusses the issues you will face when specifying a laser diode; the necessary trade-offs between performance, cost and lifetime; and the process of choosing a vendor who can meet your needs

Tunable, narrow bandwidth mid-IR laser sources for compact trace gas analysis systems with ppb sensitivity

By Håkan Karlsson & Sauli Sinisalo
10 June 2016

White Paper Lead ImageThe ultimate instrumentation for trace gas analysis and detection in air quality monitoring as well as industrial process control would be one that can simultaneously provide a sensitive, selective, and fast, multi-gas measurement with wide dynamic range all in a compact and robust system. One of the few such promising technologies that can deliver these requirements is laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS).

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverSplitting headache solved with notch

Rob Coppinger talks to the University of Oxford about its simple mirror-coated notch for optical fibre

Electro Optics coverExtreme is now mainstream

Rob Coppinger investigates the applications being opened up by new sources of extreme UV

Electro Optics coverDoes this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

Electro Optics coverWinner takes all

Greg Blackman speaks to Phil Alibrandi of Gigaphoton, about the recent buyout of the company and what that means for the EUV lithography community

Press releases

Lasermet installs second Laser Castle at Talens Systems, Spain

22 August 2016
Talens Systems ordered a second Laser Castle for their laser processing business and took delivery of it at the end of May 2016

Center for Optical Coatings and Metrology opened

5 August 2016
The Laser Zentrum Hannover and the Fraunhofer-Institut fur Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik (IOF) have opened the Center for Optical Coatings and Metrology

Vacuum compatible beam expanders

29 July 2016
LENSES AND OPTICSVacuum compatible beam expanders
Optical Surfaces have introduced a new set of reflective beam expanders that can achieve higher power density through operating in a vacuum
Optical Surfaces

Nanosystec doubling production area in response to growing demands

28 July 2016
The growing demand for the systems used in the production of optical communication components is causing Nanosystec to nearly double its production area, which will be available from early August


28 July 2016
Aerotech's QFOCUS QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stage series enables the positioning of microscope objectives and optics at high-speeds with nanometre-level performance

M Squared announced as National Business Awards finalist

28 July 2016
M Squared was shortlisted on the 27 July for the Innovation Award at the 2016 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards
M Squared