White Papers

CEO/CEP stabilisation of Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers without AOM

By Laser Quantum
11 April 2014

White Paper Lead ImageThe carrier-envelope offset frequency and phase of a Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser can be stabilised by directly feeding back to the output power of a 532nm finesse pure 10 Watt pump laser with our new CEP feature. The performance with this approach matches that of traditional setups employing acousto-optic modulators in the pump beam (~100 mrad integrated phase noise) but has potential for massive improvement due to the enhanced available modulation bandwidth compared to AOMs (approximately 700kHz versus tens of kHz).

Improving Absorption Measurements through Light Source Selection

By Yvette Mattley, Ocean Optics
25 March 2014

Stray light limits the maximum absorbance level achievable with a given spectrometer. Once the stray light limit is reached, sample dilution or a smaller pathlength is required to measure more concentrated samples. In this application note, we show the impact of stray light on the maximum absorbance level and describe how optimizing the choice of light source can minimize stray light and increase the maximum absorbance measured.

Choosing an optical filter

By Edmund Optics
11 March 2014

White Paper Lead ImageThis white paper will help users choose the correct optical filter for any application, with advice on terminology, fabrication techniques, and the various types of filter

Production of precision optics using laser micro-machining

By Julian Hayes
2 January 2014

PowerPhotonic has developed a revolutionary new technology for the fabrication of freeform optical components in silica glass.

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverCellular surgery

Performing nanosurgery on live cells promises much as a medical technique of the future. Greg Blackman speaks to Professor Michael Meunier at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, who presented work on a laser 'multi-nanoscalpel' in a plenary talk at Photonics West

Electro Optics coverRed hot cooling

Katia Moskvitch finds that, as lasers become more powerful, innovative methods are needed to cool them

Electro Optics coverPrinting parts

Laser additive manufacturing is an excellent tool for prototyping, but the technique is being used to build production-quality parts, as Tom Eddershaw discovers

Electro Optics coverMaking energy out surpass energy in

Laser inertial confinement fusion has the potential to solve much of the world’s energy needs, once it can generate more energy than is put in. Tom Eddershaw investigates the current state of laser fusion projects and asks how the research can benefit industry


SLM laser modules

17 April 2014
Laser Components has introduced the SLM (single longitudinal mode) range of laser modules, available from PD-LD
Laser Components

BTF14 modules

17 April 2014
Lumics, based in Berlin, Germany, has broadened its portfolio of single-mode fibre pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode

Off-plane X-ray Czerny-Turner

17 April 2014
For sorting laser harmonics and other applications, McPherson (Chelmsford, MA) has introduced a conical-diffraction, off-plane X-ray Czerny-Turner

PUFL UV fibre lasers

17 April 2014
AMS Technologies has introduced a new series of UV fibre lasers. The PUFL series UV fibre lasers are pulsed laser sources emitting at 355nm
AMS Technologies


15 April 2014
Avantes now offers the AvaSpec-HS2048XL, an instrument for high sensitivity applications

LumiBright UV boards

15 April 2014
Innovations in Optics has introduced LumiBright UV Boards for high power UV LED applications such as UV curing, 3D printing, maskless lithography, photodynamic therapy, and fluorescence excitation in life science or machine vision
Innovations in Optics