White Papers

Tunable, narrow bandwidth mid-IR laser sources for compact trace gas analysis systems with ppb sensitivity

By Håkan Karlsson & Sauli Sinisalo
10 June 2016

White Paper Lead ImageThe ultimate instrumentation for trace gas analysis and detection in air quality monitoring as well as industrial process control would be one that can simultaneously provide a sensitive, selective, and fast, multi-gas measurement with wide dynamic range all in a compact and robust system. One of the few such promising technologies that can deliver these requirements is laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS).

Designing with Stock Optics

By Edmund Optics
3 June 2016

White Paper Lead ImageFrom optical system design to production – this whitepaper is demonstrating the benefits of standard commercial optics over those that are custom made. Off-the-shelf optics are proving increasingly valuable, as they reduce costs, lead times and system complexity.

The taccor comb - high power frequency comb with 1 GHz mode spacing

By Albrecht Bartels and Matthias Beck of Laser Quantum
6 May 2016

Optical frequency combs based on femtosecond lasers have become invaluable tools in optical metrology and spectroscopy due to their unique ability to phase-coherently, linking the microwave and optical frequency domains. Combs based on lasers with 1 GHz repetition rate provide a unique combination of large mode spacing and high power coherent super-continuum generation.

Identifying Natural and Synthetic Gems

By Cicely A. Rathmell, MSc.
19 April 2016

White Paper Lead ImageDiscover how gemstone analysts, industry regulators and law enforcement are using spectroscopy to distinguish genuine from artificial gemstones such as rubies and diamonds

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverSplitting headache solved with notch

Rob Coppinger talks to the University of Oxford about its simple mirror-coated notch for optical fibre

Electro Optics coverExtreme is now mainstream

Rob Coppinger investigates the applications being opened up by new sources of extreme UV

Electro Optics coverDoes this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

Electro Optics coverWinner takes all

Greg Blackman speaks to Phil Alibrandi of Gigaphoton, about the recent buyout of the company and what that means for the EUV lithography community

Press releases

Avantes appoints new director of sales & marketing

15 June 2016
NEWS RELEASESAvantes appoints new director of sales & marketing
Avantes has announced the appointment of Willem Jan Mulder as its new director of sales & marketing. He will be leading Avantes' worldwide sales and marketing teams

48-hour Express Service for technical optics

15 June 2016
LENSES AND OPTICS48-hour Express Service for technical optics
For urgent needs and rapid prototyping Prazisions Glas & Optik from Germany has introduced its new 48-hour Express Service for technical optics
Prazisions Glas & Optik

AvaSpec-NIR 2.5-HSC

15 June 2016
Avantes has introduced a new instrument in the NIR line, the AvaSpec-NIR 2.5-HSC

Obis Core LS

15 June 2016
Coherent has introduced the Obis Core LS laser. The Obis Core LS offers the reliability and performance of Coherent's Optically-Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technology in a new, scaled-down package

KTN vari-focal lens

10 June 2016
LENSES AND OPTICSKTN vari-focal lens
At Optatec 2016, AMS technologies demonstrated how its high speed KTN vari-focal lens shifts the incoming light from a laser operating at two wavelengths
AMS technologies

FTIR 4300

10 June 2016
SphereOptics has introduced its latest generation of portable Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers from Agilent Technologies, the handheld FTIR 4300