White Papers

Fluorescence spectroscopy of wine

By Edinburgh Instruments
1 December 2015

In this white paper, written by Edinburgh Instruments, learn how fluorescence spectroscopy - a fast and simple, minimally invasive and non-destructive technique - is used in the analysis of wine. The paper discusses the methods and materials used when analysing two white wine samples, and shares the results of the analysis via clear and easy to read graphic illustrations.

STS Developers Kit: A Bright Future

By Ocean Optics
27 October 2015

White Paper Lead ImageFrom Remote Sensing to Creating a UV Index Monitor

Prototyping to Production

By Konrad Goffin, David Montgomery, Cicely Rathmell
28 September 2015

White Paper Lead ImageCVI Laser Optics’ quick turnaround prototype services smooth the transition from prototype to production

All about polarization

By Edmund Optics
18 September 2015

White Paper Lead ImageAn introduction to polarization

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverSplitting headache solved with notch

Rob Coppinger talks to the University of Oxford about its simple mirror-coated notch for optical fibre

Electro Optics coverExtreme is now mainstream

Rob Coppinger investigates the applications being opened up by new sources of extreme UV

Electro Optics coverDoes this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

Electro Optics coverWinner takes all

Greg Blackman speaks to Phil Alibrandi of Gigaphoton, about the recent buyout of the company and what that means for the EUV lithography community

Press releases

Vutara 352

19 January 2016
Bruker has released the first quantitative super-resolution microscope, the Vutara 352, which offers speed, imaging depth, resolution, as well as real-time quantitative capabilities

MTE9460 series

19 January 2016
Marktech Optoelectronics has introduced the latest in their series of high power, 950nm LED emitters with typical power output up to 25mW
Marktech Optoelectronics

Calcium fluoride optics

19 January 2016
A full line of calcium fluoride optics for use as front surface optics in detectors, sensors, spectrometers, instruments, and lasers are available from Meller Optics
Meller Optics


19 January 2016
Everlight Electronics has introduced its first RGB integrated color sensor. Based on CMOS technology and therefore able to operate at a minimum supply voltage of 1.7V, the CLS-16D17-34-DF6 adjusts the brightness of display equipment with less power consum
Everlight Electronics

MatchBox2 series

19 January 2016
Integrated Optics introduced a major upgrade on its MatchBox series of ultra-compact CW laser sources for spectroscopy, sorting and illumination
Integrated Optics

DLK UV platform

19 January 2016
Lasos has released a new series of diode-pumped solid-state lasers operating in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum at 320nm
Lasos Lasertechnik