White Papers

The taccor comb - high power frequency comb with 1 GHz mode spacing

By Albrecht Bartels and Matthias Beck of Laser Quantum
6 May 2016

Optical frequency combs based on femtosecond lasers have become invaluable tools in optical metrology and spectroscopy due to their unique ability to phase-coherently, linking the microwave and optical frequency domains. Combs based on lasers with 1 GHz repetition rate provide a unique combination of large mode spacing and high power coherent super-continuum generation.

Identifying Natural and Synthetic Gems

By Cicely A. Rathmell, MSc.
19 April 2016

White Paper Lead ImageDiscover how gemstone analysts, industry regulators and law enforcement are using spectroscopy to distinguish genuine from artificial gemstones such as rubies and diamonds

Creating ultra-short phase stabilised pulses for high harmonic generation (HHG)

By Thomas Binhammer, Laser Quantum
10 February 2016

Ultra-short laser pulses are increasingly interesting to researchers in many different fields of work due to the inverse relationship between the spectral bandwidth emitted from the laser and its pulse duration. For many applications the need to stabilise the carrier envelope offset at these short pulse durations is an added indispensable requisite. One such application is the use of CEP stabilised pulses in high harmonic generation (HHG).

Fluorescence spectroscopy of wine

By Edinburgh Instruments
1 December 2015

In this white paper, written by Edinburgh Instruments, learn how fluorescence spectroscopy - a fast and simple, minimally invasive and non-destructive technique - is used in the analysis of wine. The paper discusses the methods and materials used when analysing two white wine samples, and shares the results of the analysis via clear and easy to read graphic illustrations.

Technology Features

Electro Optics coverSplitting headache solved with notch

Rob Coppinger talks to the University of Oxford about its simple mirror-coated notch for optical fibre

Electro Optics coverExtreme is now mainstream

Rob Coppinger investigates the applications being opened up by new sources of extreme UV

Electro Optics coverDoes this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

Electro Optics coverWinner takes all

Greg Blackman speaks to Phil Alibrandi of Gigaphoton, about the recent buyout of the company and what that means for the EUV lithography community

Press releases


20 May 2016
MAZeT, the development and manufacturing services provider for embedded systems and optoelectronics, has introduced the MTCS-INT-AB5 sensor board for the fully integrated MTCS-CDCAF sensor chip from the Jencolor product line

Model 766

20 May 2016
Analog Modules has released its Short Pulse Seed Laser Diode Driver, Model 766. The product offers user-adjustable pulse width capability as low as 150ps and as high as 1ns
Analog Modules

Photline DR-PL-10-MO driver

20 May 2016
Modulator drivers can be used to boost the signal voltage to the levels suitable for the modulator. Laser Components offers the Photline range of RF drivers
Laser Components


20 May 2016
A new spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific offers a combination of enhanced dynamic range, very low noise and high spectral resolution
Gamma Scientific

Spectroscopy expert Nick Barnett joins Pro-Lite

20 May 2016
Pro-Lite Technology has announced that Dr Nick Barnett has recently joined its UK team as business development manager for its remote sensing and spectroscopy group.

Edinburgh Instruments' Lectureship in Photochemistry and Photophysics at Duke University

20 May 2016
The first annual Edinburgh Instruments' Lectureship in Photochemistry and Photophysics at Duke University was held on 29 April 2016, with great success
Edinburgh Instruments