Technology news

Non-metallic mirror shows promise for new optoelectronic devices

21 October 2014
A new type of mirror that reflects infrared light using the magnetic property of a non-metallic metamaterial rather than a shiny metallic surface, has been developed by scientists at Sandia National Laboratories

Loss becomes win for laser performance

21 October 2014
Scientists from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis have devised a way to improve laser performance by introducing losses into the system

Ground breaking research for fibre optic sensors

21 October 2014
A team of researchers from Italy has used fibre optic sensors to create an early warning system for landslides by embedding the sensors on the slopes that are likely to slide

Smart bandage glows to show wound healing

14 October 2014

Light-based innovations win Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry

8 October 2014

Co-inventors of the OLED and nanomaterials pioneer tipped to win Nobel Prizes

29 September 2014

Element Six helps TiSa laser cool down as project heats up

23 September 2014

Lidar used to unveil El Zota, an ancient Mesoamerican site

23 September 2014

Clear future for photovoltaics

22 August 2014

Lasers send microscopes viral

18 August 2014

A thousand robots move together to create shapes on command

15 August 2014

Laser with energy of a power station boosts European research facility

12 August 2014

Controlling electrical behaviour of graphene with laser pulses

4 August 2014

Cambridge researcher develops non-CNC aspheric lens machine

30 July 2014

Renewable energy from spinach? Laser study shows potential

25 July 2014

World record set for solar cell efficiency

15 July 2014

Holographic optic to advance augmented reality

8 July 2014

Optical sensor reaches record temperatures above 800°C

8 July 2014

Ultrafast lasers used to identify toxic hazards

4 July 2014

JenLab wins award for surgical femtosecond laser

30 June 2014

Researchers develop new ultralight, ultrastiff 3D printed materials

30 June 2014

Tabletop particle accelerators possible with new laser-plasma approach

23 June 2014

Nanostructures enhance terahertz light generation

23 June 2014

Low-cost TiO2 nanoparticles promise improved optical devices

23 June 2014

Biometric watch uses light to measure blood glucose

13 June 2014

Paralysed teenager wearing robotic exoskeleton to kick-off World Cup

12 June 2014

Lidar improved using MEMS tuneable VCSELs

6 June 2014

The hidden lymphatic system imaged using lasers and night-vision technology

6 June 2014

Laser system developed to mimic sunlight and test solar efficiency

30 May 2014

LZH develops filters for Extremely Large Telescope

20 May 2014

Method for observing edges of 2D materials critical to nanoelectronics

20 May 2014

Proving the impossible: experiment devised to convert light into matter

19 May 2014

LED and nanotechnology used to create a sunny day in all weathers

2 May 2014