Technology news

Photonics space technology comes back down to Earth

News image19 May 2016
Technology that was originally developed for the exploration of Mars is being commercialised for use in earth-based applications

Photonic crystals cool solar cells while maintaining sunlight absorption

10 May 2016
Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new material that can cool solar cells by 13 degrees celsius

Researchers measure forces of light smaller than one piconewton

News image3 May 2016
A technique capable of measuring the extremely weak forces exerted by light, forces smaller than one piconewton, has been developed by scientists at the University of Bristol.

Study suggests lighting affects academic performance

29 April 2016

Lidar-equipped Ford navigates in pitch darkness

29 April 2016

Researchers 3D print high quality micron-scale optics

20 April 2016

Laser imaging system used to record tadpole heartbeat

18 April 2016

World's first high energy plasma-based accelerator to be built

13 April 2016

Fraunhofer develops blood sorting system for early cancer diagnosis

31 March 2016

Max Planck scientists couple high-power lasers into hollow optical fibres

23 March 2016

Combined gas and fibre laser gives mid-infrared emission

16 March 2016

European Commission announces schemes to boost photonics SMEs

23 February 2016

Laser interferometer detects gravitational waves for the first time

11 February 2016

Scientists develop new, cheap way to make radially polarised white light

11 February 2016

L'Oréal unveils wearable patch for monitoring UV exposure

25 January 2016

UC Berkeley scientists develop processor with inbuilt photonic I/O

7 January 2016

British woman sees for the first time in 16 years with light sensitive chip

7 January 2016

English Cathedral analysed by a Leica laser scanner

8 December 2015

Black hole expert receives £100k Philip Levenhulme Prize

30 October 2015

UV catheter fixes heart defects non-invasively

13 October 2015

MIT team develops method to 3D print glass

20 September 2015

Nanowire springs show potential for photovoltaics

14 September 2015

Fraunhofer produces OLEDs on graphene

10 September 2015

Stretchable wearable LED display developed for clothing

9 September 2015

MIT develops tunable luminescent materials

9 September 2015

Lasers used during brain surgery reduce side effects

27 August 2015

Laser fusion jet engine patented

24 July 2015

Gigapixel multispectral microscope developed for drug discovery

23 July 2015

New Horizons spacecraft captures spectroscopic data from Pluto

15 July 2015

MIT scientists develop quantum dot spectrometers for use in smart phones

6 July 2015

Sentinel-2A satellite to transfer data via laser

30 June 2015

Record length hollow core photonic bandgap fibre produced

18 June 2015

Nanophotonic coherent imager developed for superfine 3D resolution

21 April 2015