Technology news

World record set for solar cell efficiency

News image15 July 2014
Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Germany have used their concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology to set a new world record for the efficiency of solar cells

Holographic optic to advance augmented reality

8 July 2014
A new British company has developed a holographic optical component that could advance the development of augmented reality devices

Optical sensor reaches record temperatures above 800°C

8 July 2014
Scientists have developed an all-optical temperature sensor for gas flow measurements that can, for the first time, operate at temperatures above 800°C

Ultrafast lasers used to identify toxic hazards

4 July 2014

JenLab wins award for surgical femtosecond laser

30 June 2014

Researchers develop new ultralight, ultrastiff 3D printed materials

30 June 2014

Tabletop particle accelerators possible with new laser-plasma approach

23 June 2014

Nanostructures enhance terahertz light generation

23 June 2014

Low-cost TiO2 nanoparticles promise improved optical devices

23 June 2014

Biometric watch uses light to measure blood glucose

13 June 2014

Paralysed teenager wearing robotic exoskeleton to kick-off World Cup

12 June 2014

Lidar improved using MEMS tuneable VCSELs

6 June 2014

The hidden lymphatic system imaged using lasers and night-vision technology

6 June 2014

Laser system developed to mimic sunlight and test solar efficiency

30 May 2014

LZH develops filters for Extremely Large Telescope

20 May 2014

Method for observing edges of 2D materials critical to nanoelectronics

20 May 2014

Proving the impossible: experiment devised to convert light into matter

19 May 2014

LED and nanotechnology used to create a sunny day in all weathers

2 May 2014

New bidirectional sensor measures the shape and roughness of shafts inline

30 April 2014

World's first photonics crystal laser created

28 April 2014

3D printed microscopes for as little as $2

25 April 2014

Combs of light accelerate communication

24 April 2014

Perfect nanospheres using ultrashort laser pulses

23 April 2014

Laser repair of fibre reinforced plastics cuts costs

8 April 2014

Perovskite laser raises expectations for higher solar cell efficiencies

7 April 2014

Molybdenum disulphide possible graphene alternative as photosensor

4 April 2014

MEMS mirror developed for genetic research

3 April 2014

Lasers to control lightning strikes

2 April 2014

Can germanium replace silicon in mid-infrared group IV photonics?

1 April 2014

Birmingham researchers develop treatment to reduce disabilities in neonatal twins

18 March 2014

Diode made from 2D material to advance 2D optoelectronics

17 March 2014

Caltech researchers create light-projecting silicon chip

13 March 2014

Novel quantum dot laser paves the way for lower-cost photonics

10 March 2014