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Next-generation thin-film optical filters enhance excitation and emission in fluorescence imaging and detection systems

By the Alluxa Engineering Team
22 July 2016

White Paper Lead ImageFluorescence based systems have revolutionized the way organisms, cells, and biomolecules are visualized and detected. However, challenges that are common in these instruments, such as bleedthrough, background autofluorescence, and poor signal-to-noise ratios (S/N), can reduce performance and lead to frustration.

Selecting the optimum laser diode for your application

By ProPhotonix
4 July 2016

White Paper Lead ImageIn this whitepaper, ProPhotonix discusses the issues you will face when specifying a laser diode; the necessary trade-offs between performance, cost and lifetime; and the process of choosing a vendor who can meet your needs

Tunable, narrow bandwidth mid-IR laser sources for compact trace gas analysis systems with ppb sensitivity

By Håkan Karlsson & Sauli Sinisalo
10 June 2016

White Paper Lead ImageThe ultimate instrumentation for trace gas analysis and detection in air quality monitoring as well as industrial process control would be one that can simultaneously provide a sensitive, selective, and fast, multi-gas measurement with wide dynamic range all in a compact and robust system. One of the few such promising technologies that can deliver these requirements is laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS).

Designing with Stock Optics

By Edmund Optics
3 June 2016

White Paper Lead ImageFrom optical system design to production – this whitepaper is demonstrating the benefits of standard commercial optics over those that are custom made. Off-the-shelf optics are proving increasingly valuable, as they reduce costs, lead times and system complexity.

The taccor comb - high power frequency comb with 1 GHz mode spacing

By Albrecht Bartels and Matthias Beck of Laser Quantum
6 May 2016

Optical frequency combs based on femtosecond lasers have become invaluable tools in optical metrology and spectroscopy due to their unique ability to phase-coherently, linking the microwave and optical frequency domains. Combs based on lasers with 1 GHz repetition rate provide a unique combination of large mode spacing and high power coherent super-continuum generation.

Identifying Natural and Synthetic Gems

By Cicely A. Rathmell, MSc.
19 April 2016

White Paper Lead ImageDiscover how gemstone analysts, industry regulators and law enforcement are using spectroscopy to distinguish genuine from artificial gemstones such as rubies and diamonds

Creating ultra-short phase stabilised pulses for high harmonic generation (HHG)

By Thomas Binhammer, Laser Quantum
10 February 2016

Ultra-short laser pulses are increasingly interesting to researchers in many different fields of work due to the inverse relationship between the spectral bandwidth emitted from the laser and its pulse duration. For many applications the need to stabilise the carrier envelope offset at these short pulse durations is an added indispensable requisite. One such application is the use of CEP stabilised pulses in high harmonic generation (HHG).

Fluorescence spectroscopy of wine

By Edinburgh Instruments
1 December 2015

In this white paper, written by Edinburgh Instruments, learn how fluorescence spectroscopy - a fast and simple, minimally invasive and non-destructive technique - is used in the analysis of wine. The paper discusses the methods and materials used when analysing two white wine samples, and shares the results of the analysis via clear and easy to read graphic illustrations.

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