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11 February 2022

Europe’s volume silicon photonics manufacturing capacity has not been directly addressed in the Commission's plan, which could limit overall digital sovereignty

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Lee highlights to European Commissioner Thierry Breton that Europe should play a leading role in photonics

23 June 2022

Carlos Lee on the European Photonics Industry Consortium’s latest advocacy efforts

23 June 2022

Per Karlsson, CEO of NorthLab Photonics, discusses his career path, the key to effective management, and his advice for future entrepreneurs

07 June 2022

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Ronald Mueller, CEO of Vision Markets, a business consulting company for the global machine vision, imaging, and photonics industry

At this year’s EPIC AGM Matthew Dale learned that advocacy efforts need to be targeted to ensure an ideal future for the European photonics industry

23 May 2022

At this year’s EPIC AGM Matthew Dale learned that increasing advocacy efforts is a must to ensure an ideal future for European photonics

A young girl integrates a light into a soft toy. Credit: B-Phot Brussels Photonics-VUB, Eyest, PhabLabs 4.0

16 May 2022

Re-thinking how we teach and engage children in school may boost interest in optics and engineering among young people, finds Jessica Rowbury

The panel discussion at Laser Munich, with Leibinger holding the microphone (credit Messe Munchen)

13 May 2022

Laser firms could really benefit from quantum computing, which should not just be reserved for the world's big challenges, finds Jessica Rowbury

Credit: Ayar Labs

28 April 2022

As Ayar Labs secures investment to develop its silicon photonics technology, Robert Roe speaks to Hugo Saleh about the firm's plans

Tom Hausken acted as co-head judge for the Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award

22 April 2022

Tom Hausken spoke with Electro Optics about innovation, product development, the skills shortage, supply chain issues and more.

GasSight is a low-cost imager based on quantum technology that can produce real time video of methane gas. (Credit: QuantIC)

21 April 2022

Matthew Dale asks whether quantum technologies are ready to be seen on the global stage at one of the world’s largest photonics exhibitions

08 April 2022

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Heikki Timonen, director of GEHT International



07 April 2022

Europe needs to prioritise photonics to avoid market share losses as seen in the semiconductor industry, states Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general

07 April 2022

Being confident and optimistic about future success may not come naturally to data-driven scientists – but it is key to approaching challenges outside of the lab, writes Dr David Giltner, founder and president of TurningScience