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11 March 2022

The chip shortage is a long term problem for the photonics industry, according to those attending the Electro Optics roundtable on supply chain issues.

The UK Government's focus on quantum technologies has the potential to pull focus from photonics. (Image: Shutterstock/Yurchanka Siarhei)

07 March 2022

Matthew Dale learns that focusing too heavily on quantum technologies could create long-term risks for the UK

Credit: National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

04 March 2022

Rob Roe details how lasers and optics have enabled recent breakthroughs at the National Ignition Facility

04 March 2022

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Rick Mannello, CEO of Boston Electronics, which specialises in UV and IR detectors and signal processing electronics for photodetection

Advancements in quantum technologies will drive advancements in photonics, while advancements in photonics will likewise drive advancements in quantum. (Image: Shutterstock/Dmitriy Rybin)

02 March 2022

Quantum clocks, computers and data networks could all benefit from photonics advances, it was told at Photonics West on Demand last week

17 February 2022

Intel's purchase of Tower Semiconductors could advance silicon photonics manufacturing, says Jose Capmany, founder of iPronics Programmable Photonics

Photonics components are being used in free-space optical communications to enable faster data transfer between satellites and ground stations. (Image: ESA)

11 February 2022

Matthew Dale speaks with ESA to learn about the opportunities arising for photonics in the space sector

11 February 2022

Europe’s volume silicon photonics manufacturing capacity has not been directly addressed in the Commission's plan, which could limit overall digital sovereignty

Credit: Azhar Hassan/

04 February 2022

Recruiting at historically Black universities is just one way companies are working to create a more diverse workforce, finds Jessica Rowbury

01 February 2022

Carlos Lee of EPIC talks to Dominique Lupinski, CEO and founder of Cristal Laser, which grows and fabricates nonlinear optical crystals

Antonio Raspa, innovation manager at EPIC, is responsible for the Photonic Index Universe management

28 January 2022

EPIC’s Antonio Raspa speaks with Electro Optics on the intentions and impact of the new photonics index

26 January 2022

Justin Nussbaum, CEO and founder of SPIE Startup Challenge finalist Ascend Manufacturing, details his journey as a new entrepreneur - such as how to improve confidence and the importance of mentorship