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The nulling interferometry devices under development at Caltech’s Exoplanet Technology Laboratory cancel out starlight to help detect and identify foreign worlds. (Credit: Shutterstock/Dotted Yeti)

12 August 2022

Nemanja Jovanovic, lead instrument scientist at Caltech’s Optical Observatory and Exoplanet Technology Laboratory, on emerging astrophotonic technologies on his radar

Jose Capmany (left) is co-founder and COO of iPronics, Daniel Perez-Lopez (right) is co-founder and CTO of iPronics.

05 August 2022

Following iPronics’ securing of €3.7M funding to bring its software-reconfigurable photonic processors to market, we ask co-founders Jose Capmany and Daniel Perez-Lopez how the technology could influence photonic computing

Here two electronic driver chips are connected face down to a silicon photonics chip.The horseshoe-shaped device is an optical modulator, which can be used as part of a programmable circuit. (Image: Optoelectronics Research Centre)

28 July 2022

Silicon photonics is making its way into computing architecture, but not without its challenges, Matthew Dale finds

27 July 2022

Carlos Lee speaks to Mike Powell, managing partner of Renevo Capital Limited, an investment bank specialising in photonics and semiconductors

Credit: KLA

15 July 2022

Here we highlight some of the initiatives working to engage and train young people in optics and photonics

12 July 2022

Fabless start-up Scintil Photonics has raised €13.5m for its laser-integrated silicon chips. We speak to co-founder Sylvie Menezo

27 June 2022

Carlos Lee on the European Photonics Industry Consortium’s latest advocacy efforts

23 June 2022

Per Karlsson, CEO of NorthLab Photonics, discusses his career path, the key to effective management, and his advice for future entrepreneurs

07 June 2022

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Ronald Mueller, CEO of Vision Markets, a business consulting company for the global machine vision, imaging, and photonics industry

At this year’s EPIC AGM Matthew Dale learned that increasing advocacy efforts is a must to ensure an ideal future for European photonics

23 May 2022

At this year’s EPIC AGM Matthew Dale learned that increasing advocacy efforts is a must to ensure an ideal future for European photonics

16 May 2022

Re-thinking how we teach and engage children in school may boost interest in optics and engineering among young people, finds Jessica Rowbury

13 May 2022

Laser firms could really benefit from quantum computing, which should not just be reserved for the world's big challenges, finds Jessica Rowbury