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Hamza Farah is undertaking a one-year photonics internship at the UK’s Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

19 October 2022

Ahead of the Day of Photonics, we're asking with those at the start of their photonics careers what’s important to them in their work. Next up: Hamza Farah, Photonics Intern

Gabriella Gardosi and her colleagues at the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies have developed a new method for fabricating ultralow-loss optical microresonators

18 October 2022

Ahead of the Day of Photonics, we're asking with those at the start of their photonics careers what’s important to them in their work. First up: Research Student Gabriella Gardosi.

Quantum computer innovation has been chasing faster gate speeds for the past two decades (Image: Shutterstock/Quardia)

11 October 2022

Researchers have developed new quantum computing hardware that dramatically improves on the quantum gate speeds of prior technologies

Epic CEO run at Photonics West 2022

23 September 2022

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Christian Bosshard, managing director of Swissphotonics

23 September 2022

Professor Paul Shore led the team that micromachined the complex mirrors within James Webb’s mid-infrared instrument. He chats about the technical lessons learnt

07 September 2022

Jérémy Picot-Clémente, EPIC’s photonics technologies programme manager, talks with CEO of start-up TriLite Technologies, Peter Weigand, about its miniature laser projection display technology

Dr Dennis Prather, engineering alumni professor at the University of Delaware and co-founder and president of Phase Sensitive Innovations, leads the team design project discussion on wireless applications for PIC design

01 September 2022

Dr Robert Geer, director of education and workforce development, details the importance of equipping industry with photonic integration expertise

01 September 2022

We are now seeking nominations for inclusion in our very first The Photonics100 list of the industry's most innovative people

The nulling interferometry devices under development at Caltech’s Exoplanet Technology Laboratory cancel out starlight to help detect and identify foreign worlds. (Credit: Shutterstock/Dotted Yeti)

12 August 2022

Nemanja Jovanovic, lead instrument scientist at Caltech’s Optical Observatory and Exoplanet Technology Laboratory, on emerging astrophotonic technologies on his radar

Jose Capmany (left) is co-founder and COO of iPronics, Daniel Perez-Lopez (right) is co-founder and CTO of iPronics.

05 August 2022

Following iPronics’ securing of €3.7M funding to bring its software-reconfigurable photonic processors to market, we ask co-founders Jose Capmany and Daniel Perez-Lopez how the technology could influence photonic computing

Here two electronic driver chips are connected face down to a silicon photonics chip.The horseshoe-shaped device is an optical modulator, which can be used as part of a programmable circuit. (Image: Optoelectronics Research Centre)

28 July 2022

Silicon photonics is making its way into computing architecture, but not without its challenges, Matthew Dale finds

27 July 2022

Carlos Lee speaks to Mike Powell, managing partner of Renevo Capital Limited, an investment bank specialising in photonics and semiconductors