Analysis & opinion

06 January 2014

Turning biophotonic technologies into a clinical device is a long and difficult road. Jacques Cochard, Tematys founder, reports from the European Photonics Industry Consortium's (EPIC) biophotonics event, entitled 'optimising the road to clinical products', which took place 27-28 November 2013 at the Maastricht University Medical Center in The Netherlands

16 December 2013

They were once the heavyweight workhorses of the industry, but are carbon dioxide lasers now heading for the knacker's yard?

09 December 2013

The cost of producing LEDs remains one of the main barriers to implementing solid-state lighting in homes and industry. Dr Calogero Sciascia, senior scientist at SAES Group, reports from the European Photonics Industry Consortium's technology workshop at the Strategies in Light Europe conference, which took place from 19 to 21 November in Munich, Germany

04 December 2013

Fibre-coupled laser systems for welding automotive gear controllers along with a 20kW laser cell installed at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK, were both discussed at AILU's Power Beam Delivery and Manipulation conference, which took place on 3 December. Tom Eddershaw reports from the event

15 November 2013

The availability of unsafe, low-cost tabletop laser machines without valid certification is a fairly widespread problem in the UK, according to Andy Toms of TLM Laser. Greg Blackman speaks to Toms on the formation of an AILU special interest group that aims to increase awareness of the issue

22 October 2013

Professor Robert Karlicek, director of the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center, will speak on the subject of 'smart lighting' at the Optical Society's Solid State and Organic Lighting conference in Tucson Arizona at the beginning of November. Here he gives a summary of his presentation

17 October 2013

Greg Blackman reports from Photonex in Coventry UK, where the UK photonics industry was under discussion

07 February 2013

Warren Clark reports from the executive panel discussion at Photonics West 2013

25 October 2011

After the harsh market conditions of the past few years, investment in new markets and products was foremost on the minds of the Executive Panel Discussion speakers at this year's Photonex

06 October 2011

This year's Photonex Executive Panel Discussion, entitled 'Better prepared? Photonics faces the future with confidence', will feature viewpoints from top industry figures. It will be chaired once again by Dr Tom Wilkie, editor-in-chief of Electro Optics

16 September 2011

Lasers that fire for as little as a ten billionth of a second provide advantages with many materials, such as no heat affected zones or melting with cold ablation, as revealed at a recent AILU workshop. Rob Coppinger reports

07 June 2011

A Photonics21 report states that the European photonics industry has a 'leveraged' impact on at least ten per cent of Europe's economy, €30tn of European trade, and around 30m jobs