Analysis & opinion

05 April 2017

The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) recently surpassed 300 members. Matthew Dale speaks to Carlos Lee about the European photonics sector

31 March 2017

Following on from his talk at Strategies in Light USA, Dr Paul Rudy from SoraaLaser explains the latest developments in GaN laser diodes and laser pumped phosphor architectures, and discusses the merits of lasers compared to other lighting technologies

20 February 2017

Greg Blackman listens in to Professor Dr Karsten Danzmann giving his plenary session on gravitational wave astronomy at Photonics West

17 February 2017

Greg Blackman reports from a Photonics West panel discussion on virtual reality, where headset optical design will be instrumental for giving a better user experience

10 February 2017

Jessica Rowbury reports from a Photonics West panel, where possible implications of Brexit and the Trump administration were debated

05 January 2017

What needs to happen to support growth in the photonics sector in 2017, and how will the markets develop in the next few years? SPIE’s Stephen Anderson gives his views

08 December 2016

Steve Riches from the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS UK) reports from November's Photonics and Opto-Electronics Packaging (POP) conference in Edinburgh

07 December 2016

Entrepreneurs will pitch their photonics businesses to industry experts during the Startup Challenge at Photonics West 2017. Jessica Rowbury speaks to Dirk Fabian about the importance of supporting start-ups

24 November 2016

Dr Scott King and Dr Graham Crofts from UK law firm Gill Jennings & Every say that it's never too early to put in place an intellectual property strategy

26 October 2016

As part of his column for Electro Optics magazine, Carlos Lee, director general of the European Photonics Industry Association (EPIC) discusses how to prioritise events

14 October 2016

Jessica Rowbury covers an autonomous vehicle panel session from October's Inpho Venture Summit, where the role of photonics was discussed

14 October 2016

In May 2015, the US government proposed changes to US export controls covering many key photonics technologies, causing concern within the industry. Following the release of the final export controls this week, SPIE's Jennifer Douris discusses the final regulation and its impact on the photonics community