Analysis & opinion

05 November 2019

Tom Harvey, healthcare photonics lead at UK catapult centre CPI, discusses how companies can successfully enter the healthcare market

30 September 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee hears about Jorma Palmén’s strategy for growing Ladimo, launched four years ago, which develops real-time 3D imaging for robotics, healthcare and navigating hazardous environments

30 September 2019

Researchers at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction give their views on three infrastructure projects analysing structural performance using fibre optic monitoring

30 September 2019

EOS board member Michael Pfeffer says that industry leaders must support engagement in standardisation activities

27 August 2019

Paul Urbach, Professor at Delft University of Technology and past-president of the EOS, details the important role light plays in the preservation and creation of art

27 August 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee speaks with Markus Nicht, CEO of InnoLas Solutions, about his young start as CEO and growing a team of eight employees to 130

Oz Optics served traditional Turkish ice cream at its booth at Laser Munich

27 August 2019

Jessica Rowbury reviews how exhibitors made an impact at Laser World of Photonics in a bid to stand out from competition

25 July 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee speaks with Jean François Vinchant, CEO of SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques, about his career progression and business strategies

25 July 2019

Dominique Bonnisseau and Corinne Tsamba, from Tematys, detail how technology companies should address challenges that could impact growth

11 July 2019

Jessica Rowbury reports on the importance of technical light applications in meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement

19 June 2019

André Richter, CEO of VPIphotonics, talks through his 20-plus years at the company with EPIC’s Carlos Lee

04 June 2019

Ahead of the Innovation award that will be presented at Laser World of Photonics, Jessica Rowbury talks technology development with Dr Jonathan Blackburn of welding research and technology specialist, TWI