Analysis & opinion

31 July 2018

In the run up the to the 20th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), one of the largest events for optoelectonics, which will take place 5-8 September in Shenzhen, secretary general Eric Yang, and Derek Deng, international marketing executive, comment on connecting European and Chinese firms

30 July 2018

In a follow-up to her piece in our last issue, Liz Gerrish, technical programme manager and senior optical engineer at Wilcox Industries, provides further leadership perspective from being a woman in STEM

11 July 2018

Various lidar companies are finding ways to meet the huge challenges automotive applications present. Jessica Rowbury discovers Luminar’s approach, and decisions made in designing their system

11 July 2018

Simon Andrews, executive director of Fraunhofer UK Research, believes the excitement surrounding automotive lidar will ultimately bring benefits to many other sectors

29 June 2018

Professor Dr Martin Roth, at research centre Innofspec Potsdam, discusses the role that fibre Bragg gratings and other photonics components could play in transforming astronomy

29 June 2018

Herve Floch, general director of the French competitiveness cluster Alpha-RLH, comments on how French photonics firms can succeed in Europe and further afield

18 June 2018

Dr Katherine Bakeev at B&W Tek discusses the use of Raman spectroscopy in the pharma industry, following the opening of a centre in Hyderabad, India, to cater for the market

14 June 2018

Matthew Dale reports from the European Photonic Industry Consortium’s Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers, where it was explained how CO­2 lasers could be used to produce the next generation of computer processors

31 May 2018

Liz Gerrish, technical programme manager and senior optical engineer at Wilcox Industries, gives career advice for females in male-dominated industries

31 May 2018

On 16 May, the first International Day of Light celebrated the role of light and related technologies in science, art, education and sustainable development. Here we round up some of what occurred the day

18 May 2018

Julian Carey, product marketing manager at SLD Laser (previously SoraaLaser), details some of the laser lighting products on display at the Light and Building trade fair, highlighting that the technology has achieved significant adoption and design-in since its introduction

10 May 2018

Dr Sujatha Ramanujan, MD of photonics accelerator Luminate, discusses the investment trends for optical innovations