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Ocean Optics has released the USB-TC small-footprint heating device for maintaining the thermal stability of spectrometers operating in variable environments

NeoFox Sport

The sensors division of Ocean Optics has introduced a new member to its NeoFox family of optical oxygen sensors, the NeoFox Sport which provides improved flexibility in oxygen sensing


Ocean Optics has expanded the capabilities of its small-footprint near-infrared spectrometers with the introduction of NIRQuest512-2.5, a high-resolution device with response from 900-2500nm

Torus spectrometer

Ocean Optics has launched a family of aberration-corrected diffraction grating spectrometers that delivers low stray light, high throughput and excellent thermal stability

STS Microspectrometer

Ocean Optics has introduced a family of low-cost, high-performance CMOS detector-based spectrometers that are ideal for embedding into OEM devices

SIR scanning spectrometers

Ocean Optics now offers a range of its SIR scanning spectrometers for analysing infrared lasers. The company's SIR spectrometers feature rotating-gratings, and offer high-resolution and signal-to-noise performance in the near-IR


The SteadiQ, from Ocean Optics, is an accessory for use with its range of field-portable spectrometers, which provides a temperature-controlled atmosphere


Ocean Optics has expanded its offering of small-footprint near-infrared spectrometers with the introduction of NIRQuest512-2.2, a high-performance unit with response from 900-2,200nm


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