Ocean Insight

Raman analysers

Ocean Optics has expanded its line of Raman offerings with the addition of new options for handheld, laboratory and educational applications, with pricing models reduced by 40 per cent

SeaBreeze OEM driver software

Ocean Optics has introduced its new SeaBreeze OEM driver software, developed for in embedded system applications, which it says can save OEMs time and money


Ocean Optics has released the Jaz-ULM-200, a light-measurement system for spectroradiometric analysis of LEDs, lamps, flat panel displays and other radiant sources, as well as solar radiation

NeoFox Sport

The NeoFox Sport from Ocean Optics is a portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a variety of media

XR-Series spectrometers and gratings

Ocean Optics has introduced its XR-Series, expanding the wavelength capabilities of several of its USB2000+, JAZ-EL2000, and USB4000 spectrometers, which now cover all wavelengths from ~200-1050nm

NIRQuest spectrometer

Ocean Optics has introduced its NIRQuest model InGaAs-array spectrometer, with three versions available to suit applications requiring 900-1,700nm, 900-2,050nm and 900-2,500nm coverage.


Ocean Optics has used the emergence of powerful yet inexpensive microprocessors to turn its spectrometers into web servers that can wirelessly exchange data and operation parameters through a plug-and-play adapter called Remora

NeoFox phase measurement system

Ocean Optics has released its NeoFox phase measurement system for fluorescence-based optical sensing. NeoFox is a bench-top device for the measurement of fluorescence lifetime, phase and intensity


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