Omicron's LightHUB+ and LightHUB Ultra laser light engines will be exhibited at booth 2163. The systems can be equipped with one to six (LightHUB+) / seven (LightHUB Ultra) laser modules of different wavelengths from UV to the near IR range and offer fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 1,5MHz and digital full ON/OFF modulation with a switching time of <1µs for each channel. The individual laser modules can easily be exchanged and added by the user.


Omicron is presenting its innovative QuixX laser series at Photonics West

BrixX ps

Omicron has announced its new laser series BrixX ps, which can be pulsed in the picosecond range, as well as being operated in continuous wave and modulated mode


Laser specialist Omicron has released the LuxX+ diode laser series. The lasers provide digital modulation capability of more than 250MHz and analogue power modulation of more than 3MHz

Sole Laser Light Engines

Omicron has introduced a new laser series for applications in biotechnology. The innovative Sole Laser Light Engines combines up to six emission wavelengths, coupling them into polarisation-maintaining single-mode fibres

PhoxX lasers

Omicron has launched its PhoxX laser series, which has a wavelength range of 375-830nm.

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