Conferences & Exhibitions

EPIC Meeting on Photonics at the Final Frontier at European Space Agency (ESA)

This meeting organised by EPIC, will critically review the main and most promising emerging technologies addressing new space applications. It will bring together highly relevant experts from the industry and R&D professionals through 5 sessions, covering topics including space-based Lidar technologies to optical links for inter- and intra- spacecraft communications. It will also explore new development for earth observation and the role of humans in space exploration. The event will close with a session regarding emerging trends for NewSpace.

Photon 2022

Photon 2022 is the eleventh conference in a biennial series that started in 2002 covering optics and photonics

LASYS 2022

LASYS International trade fair for laser material processing

PIC International Conference

Since its inception, PIC International has been the leading event for connecting and informing those involved in developing and commercialising photonic integrated circuits. As this industry matures, the agenda for PIC International continues to evolve. At the seventh meeting in this series, to be held in June 2022, delegates will gather to reflect on what is needed to strengthen success in existing markets, while identifying new, lucrative opportunities.

CS International Conference

With a pedigree stretching back more than a decade, CS International has firmly established itself as the leading conference covering all aspects of compound semiconductor device manufacturing.


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