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Webcast: Mid-IR technologies for chemical sensing

Industrial processes, environmental monitoring and clinical diagnosis require from new miniaturized detection tools able to carry out an unattended and fast analysis. These requirements are fulfilled by Mid-Infrared (MIR) technologies, the next generation of chemical sensors that can be integrated into existing equipment to obtain real-time analysis of an on-going process. This webinar will present the working principles, applications and the existing capabilities to develop MIR chemical sensors in Europe.



MediSens 2016

Built by medical practitioners and the world’s foremost digital imaging experts, this conference addresses the need for a more integrated approach to developing medical imaging systems for clinical use. The conference will look at the latest technologies in development, including multi modal and single photon detectors. Alongside this, topics in discussion will cover a range of sensor technologies, such as EMCCD, InGaAs, CMOS and single photon detectors and the requirement for high quality, reliable imaging.