Training courses & User meetings

17th European Short Course on Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The annual course is jointly organised by Joseph R Lakowicz from the Center of Fluorescence Spectroscopy (CFS) in Baltimore (USA) and PicoQuant. It aims to provide an in-depth introduction into fluorescence spectroscopy and its applications to scientific fields like life and materials science.

Surface Texture and Tribology short course

Michigan Metrology, experts in solving problems related to surface roughness, wear, finish and friction, will share their expertise in a two-day course, October 30-31, 2019 in Livonia, Michigan.

5th International IR Workshop

Laser Components hosts the 5th International Workshop on Infrared Technologies. The event focusses on IR detectors for commercial applications, other IR components, corresponding periphery and their applications.

Women in Photonics workshop

The workshop aims to connect excellent female scientists at the beginning of their career with experts in photonics holding leading positions at research institutions and companies. The event addresses young female postdocs in the field of (bio)photonics, who want to present their own research work and build up new networks. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange with experienced scientists from academia and industry and jointly develop strategies for a successful professional career.

Webcast: Mid-IR technologies for chemical sensing

Industrial processes, environmental monitoring and clinical diagnosis require from new miniaturized detection tools able to carry out an unattended and fast analysis. These requirements are fulfilled by Mid-Infrared (MIR) technologies, the next generation of chemical sensors that can be integrated into existing equipment to obtain real-time analysis of an on-going process. This webinar will present the working principles, applications and the existing capabilities to develop MIR chemical sensors in Europe.



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