Admesy (booth 2359)

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Admesy provides customers with test and measurement solutions tailored for colour and light measurement in production processes. Since its start in 2006, Admesy has become a well-known brand for a range of user-friendly and robust light and colour measurement devices offering stable, reliable and accurate measurements to high end consumer electronics manufacturers. The product portfolio includes lightmeters, spectroradiometers, colorimeters and 2D imaging colorimeters.

One of Admesy’s application areas is display measurements. The product range for large and mobile display measurements covers all essential needs to measure parameters like luminance, colour, flicker, response time and display uniformity at high speed and with high accuracy and repeatability.

Admesy also offers solutions for highly specific applications like OEM spectrometry and analysis measurements where besides highest measurement performance also the reliability is key. On both large and small scale with one-off units Admesy provides custom-made measurement solutions in production lines and R&D labs.