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Alphanov, the optical and laser technology center for the ALPHA-RLH competitiveness cluster, will display a range of its latest products:

  • PowerPac custom-made high-power and high-precision connectors for plug-and-play operations, offering high repeatability and high reliability
  • GoSpectro, a device that turns any smartphone into a light spectrometer to authentic gems, detect pollution, inspect food or anti-counterfeiting
  • The ‘MultiBoard’ solution, a set of electronic cards for controlling various fibre lasers architectures enabling them to reach a wide range of features
  • PCF Amplifier, a turn-key 100-Watt class monolithic laser amplifier 
  • PCF Patch-cords, an end-treatment solution to photonics crystal fibres for splicing, cliving, end-capping or connectorisation in bio-imaging, metrology, sensing and material processing applications
  • PULS, an ultra-compact mod-lock oscillator, based on a picosecond passively mode-locked fibre laser technology. This laser oscillator offers a unique, monolithic solution for seeding optical amplifiers, and have applications in multiphoton imaging, micromachining and biophotonics.